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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-6-16
  • Downloads: 8947
  • Recommendations: 21


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Seashells Theme for Elgg 1.7.x for Elgg 1.7

Slick, professional and sexy! Extra clean and versatile. Easy-to-adapt!

Last updated 1035 days ago

Development of this project has been terminated. It has been migrated to hypeStyler (details at hypeJunction.com)

For Live Demo and Download Link visit  http://pragueprogrammes.com/seashells. Choose from one of the available demo users to test run the site.

Please leave your comments here: http://pragueprogrammes.com/seashells/pg/pages/view/209/theme-seashells-x.

Please report bugs here: http://pragueprogrammes.com/seashells/pg/pages/view/340/bugfixes-changelog.

Please make feature suggestions here: http://pragueprogrammes.com/seashells/pg/pages/view/351/to-dofeature-requests.

W3C validated CSS 2.1 file. No -webkit and -moz. Only 4 colors.

This theme takes on a new approach towards Elgg theming. All you need is in one place - adjust the theme to your needs from the Plugin Settings (Tools Administration). Make changes with just a click.


- Easy and user-friendly navigation (all you need is in a two-click reach)

- Drop-down user panel with 4 elements (X VERSION):

- Profile picture and settings

- Shortcuts to publishing new content

- Status update form (the Wire)

- List of 5 latest inbox messages

- Easy administration of the theme:

- Easily switch between 2 and 3 column layout (X VERSION)

- Display a site logo (or just a site name with description)

- Change appearance of your index page -- display a stream of latest activity, or widgets, or your own custom html article

- Add custom content to sidebars (custom modules) - plain text, html, script, or anything you want (2 custom modules in the X VERSION)

- Add Google ads to sidebar (FREE VERSION) and spotlight (X VERSION)

- Choose whether or not to display such sidebar modules as site categories, site announcements, online users, latest events 

- Show or hide your spotlight

- Edit your spotlight (X VERSION)

- Set the width (canvas and header) (X VERSION)

- Set color palette - MAKE IT ANY COLOR YOU WANT (X VERSION)

- Replace the footer (X VERSION)

- Additional icons (vector or png) upon request (X VERSION)

I've tried to keep as many functions free as I could, but this was a very time-consuming endeavour. Hobbies don't feed me, so I will need to offer some of the functions as a paid service. I hope you understand. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I welcome you to visit the demo site. If you would like to test theme settings as an administrator, send me a private message and we will agree on how to do this.

Please note that the icons are property of icondock.com and distributed as per a license agreement between the icons author and theme author. Icons may not be replicated, sold or re-distributed.

I am no longer able to provide support to the GPL edition. I am available for paid consultations.

Release Notes:

Dear Elggers,

This code is GPL, you are free to do whatever you want with it. This is my favour to the community, in return I ask you to please consider the amount of time that goes into answering questions. E.g. in total my plugins have some 6000 downloads, if each downloader asks me a question, it takes me 1 minute to read the questions, 5 minutes to look up the code, 4 minutes to give a detailed answer. Now that equals to 60,000 minutes.

Are you ready to donate 1000 hours of your time to answering questions for free? I am NOT.