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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-2-10
  • Downloads: 3519
  • Recommendations: 10

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Videochat for Elgg 1.7

Have a videochat room in Elgg

Last updated 1208 days ago


  • Uses TokBox to provide a videochat room
  • (Optionally) Requires API keys to work (configure in videochat/vendors/callwidget-tokbox-php-sdk-v0/API_Config.php)- sandbox keys: http://sandbox.tokbox.com/view/platformkeys- production keys: http://me.tokbox.com/platformsignup
  • Available rooms are listed based on access
  • Rooms will automatically be removed after 24 hours (except group videochat rooms, these are persistent)
  • Can also be used by non-loggedin users (Join Only)


As of 5 April 2011 the TokBox videochat services will no longer exists (rendering this plugin obsolete)

Release Notes:

0.3.1 (2011-01-03):

  • fixed: dropdown menu dissappears behind flashobject (chatwindow)


  • Hekolo 1207 days ago

    Thanks for the plugin...looks great on the screens...however, all I get is a screen stating this

    " width="900" height="550"> " />

    I am using the simple blue white theme...is that maybe the reason?

    Cheers, Chris

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1207 days ago

    @Hekolo Did you configure the plugin? Was it an upgrade or a fresh install (of the plugin)? What browser are you using? I don't think it is related to the theme...

  • jaxcatz 1207 days ago

    Why is this plugin showing as "Untitled" in this community activity river ?? 

    Did u forget to title the plugin after posting the upgrade ?? 

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1207 days ago

    Nope... upgrades do not have titles... lets ask Brett :)

  • Hekolo 1207 days ago

    @Jeroen: It is a fresh installation I have followed your instructions...I'm using Firefox...!?

  • Hekolo 1207 days ago

    Does the plugin need to be at a certain position...or does it not work with some other plugin maybe?

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1207 days ago

    @Hekolo is there a public url i can visit?

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1207 days ago

    I guess you use the embed functionality but copied the complete param into the config instead of just the url... Could you check on that?

  • Hekolo 1207 days ago

    Ok, now this is a little funny...i did only copy the URL...but the embed field where i had to put the URL already said <param.... and I was not able to change or delete that...now i have reloaded it and the Embed URL field was completely blank...i put in the URL and now it seems to be working... ;-) Any idea? In any case, many thanks for your help, Jeroen!!

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1207 days ago

    @hekolo if you did not enter it yourself it is very strange that it already said "param". Anyway, good to hear it works now.

  • Hekolo 1207 days ago

    Mhhh, maybe I put it in the very first installation but after having installed a new version the field behind the param code was blue...i assume there was just some trash left over from the firts installation...i just tried the plugin a bit...looks great...cool work, mate!

  • nicolas 1206 days ago

       as needed some FFMPEG library to use this plugin?


  • ReaL 1204 days ago

    It is not working. I am getting white page as soon as i enable it.

    I am using elgg 1.7.6

  • ura soul 1202 days ago

    i have this working fine in 1.7.6  - 

    as stated by jeroen - you need to only paste in the url from tokbox  not the whole param string.



  • ReaL 1202 days ago

    well it is working now ...thanks....

  • ReaL 1202 days ago

    how to set multiple chatrooms??


  • Jeroen Dalsem 1202 days ago

    @real multiple rooms are only available in API mode, not in embed mode

  • ReaL 1202 days ago

    after setting it to api mode...i am getting this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in C:\xampp\htdocs\sites\elgg\mod\videochat\vendors\callwidget-tokbox-php-sdk-v0\API_Config.php on line 18

    I checked and everything seems to be alright. I am testing it in localhost.

    Are there any setting change?

  • [cim] 1202 days ago

    probably an extra character in there that you haven't noticed. maybe a ; is missing or maybe a bracket? double and triple check.

  • ReaL 1201 days ago

    @Cim i checked it over and over and it is alright

    It is working fine on embed mode.

  • Joel Mckay 1191 days ago

    @Jeroen Thanks for another great plugin, Out of curiosity, how many "Free" site keys can an individual generate/use without violating the tokbox TOS. =)

    i.e.  Could I simply add a "group" dynamic session binding wrapper to an empty inventory of chat rooms?

  • Alan 1183 days ago

    so just to clarify ...

    will this allow me to restrict chatters to users logged into my site?

  • kxx4 1183 days ago

    @jeroen: this seems nice,i'll try it out on my localhost.I want to know if this has the following features

    1. user profile picture in the chat room

    2.IM or PM

  • lord55 1171 days ago

    Thanks @Jeroen! it works perfect ...using it with apiKey in production apiServer

  • lord55 1170 days ago

    tokbox is going to be opentok


    will be an upgrade? 

    p.s: I have an old apikey ...it is working in local as production but not on elgg site on line: not able to connnetct to api.tokbox.com