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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-12-13
  • Downloads: 706
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Custom Reg for Elgg 1.7

Custom Reg w lightbox popup

Last updated 1227 days ago

This adds a plugin selectable lightbox popup for custom reg originally built by Fusion and updated here by Gillie.

Release Notes:

-adds popup lightbox to custom reg

-next version we hope to add an auto launch timer


  • TahoeBilly 1227 days ago

    Gillie's release notes explain how to get a link on your main page to get this baby popping up.

    I do not think there is an explaination of how to take the standard reg/login off your bar or mainpage.

    Vazco mainpage has an opton for this, as well I beleive his topbar does, so if you have those two plugins you can easily have nothing but a simply link on topbar or a link tab on your main page.

    Maybe someone could explain what is involved in getting the login fields off the stock Elgg topbar.

  • jededitor 1227 days ago

    How would you link to this if you were calling the login function from a link on an html page?

  • TahoeBilly 1227 days ago

    Custom reg - release notes:

    v 0.2


    - Upload to mod folder and enable.

    - Works with custom_index that comes with elgg or the
    default index page.

    - If you use some kind of custom-topbar or an index page
    of your own, you can copy paste the following link wherever
    you want a link to your custom registration page:

    <?php echo elgg_view('custom_reg/link'); ?>

  • woodpecker 1227 days ago

    I linked <?php echo elgg_view('custom_reg/link'); ?> to a menu login button.

    Funny thing is I see thr button only when I login through the loginboax. When I log out it disappears :)

  • TahoeBilly 1227 days ago

    wood pecker you have a link we can see what you mean?

  • TahoeBilly 1227 days ago

    @jeditor did that releasenotes help?

  • jededitor 1226 days ago

    Not really!

    Just out of interest custom_reg seems to interefere with the operation of the green bar and Vascos topbar...

  • TahoeBilly 1226 days ago

    @jed not on my install. Do you mean this new version with lightbox popup, or the older version with mysite/pg/registration?

  • jededitor 1226 days ago

    This version with the lightbox popup. I beginning to suspect this error is one of those combination with other mod types errors...

  • gastre 1226 days ago

    hello, good plugin.

    I want to convert this plugin in my custom index.

    How can I do it?


  • Per Jensen 1226 days ago

    @gastre - this one works with default and custom_index, just enable it.

    @jededitor - I don't really know the vasko topbar, but you could try to diable it and se if this one works. Or try to comment out the link in head.php

  • gastre 1226 days ago

    ok, thanks

  • TahoeBilly 1218 days ago

    @Gillie I am getting a bug. Blog shows a link "login/reg" at the bottom of a new blog entry just above "tags" link. When I turn off the custom reg, it goes away. Also blog post if buggy itself. Any chance you could take a look!

  • Per Jensen 1218 days ago

    @TahoeBilly, Comment out line 21 in start.php


  • TahoeBilly 1218 days ago

    @Gillie beautiful! I am struggling to theme the popup, but then I struggle to theme anything! I can't find the CSS files for all of it like the width the orginal login box... Trying to shrink everything down to smaller size and also get rid of scroll bars. My scroll bars are in my Vazco lightbox, as that is now my lightbox viewer. I will talk to Michal about getting the scroll bars out.

    Anyone know how to theme this thing a little cleaner?

  • DhrupDeScoop 1218 days ago


    Theming/ CSS styling is not really a big issue if you're comfortable coding around with CSS2/3 attributes and other aspects ;-)

    If you're lucky to have the necessary techie background in such areas - you'll be fine; if not.. you'll have a helluva fun hard time trying to figure out the itsy bitsy details to satisfy the sometimes egoistically inclined demands from technology ;-)

    As mein freund from Carmel once said... 'A man's gotta know his limitations.."


  • TahoeBilly 1216 days ago

    Thanks for the evert helpful advice Dhrup!

  • TahoeBilly 1188 days ago

    I noticed that I cannot use mandantory icon upon reg with the popup and also the location map reg when lightboxing. Sigh, I guess pop ups with pop ups don't make so much sense. This however is a great plugin if you want an easy combined login and reg with lightbox effect OFF your main page.