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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-3-9
  • Downloads: 797
  • Recommendations: 3


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Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin | Extended version for Elgg 1.7

This is an updated version of the Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin developed by Ivan Verg├ęs

Last updated 1138 days ago


This is an updated version of the Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin developed by Ivan Vergés: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/385002/developer/ivan/kaltura-collaborative-video-plugin

NOTE: The main site for this plugin is now the kaltura exchange platform. Please visit the "plugin homepage" (http://exchange.kaltura.com/content/video-media-plugin-elgg) to get the latests updates of this plugin.

> Version 2.0 developed by Condiminds.com includes:

  * Kaltura mix videos inherit the name of the uploaded video

  * Kaltura players can play kaltura clips, besides kaltura mixes, which allows videos to stream on demand

  * Simple video creator form, to avoid having to edit mixes that are composed by a single clip

  * Popout link, to allow kaltura videos embedded in comments to be popped out in a new window

Hope this extension is useful!


The Condiminds.com team.


  • kxx4 1121 days ago

    is this a video plugin?Is it free? because i am still tryin to get a video plugin that works

  • emdagon 1121 days ago

    You can use this plugin to let your users upload their own videos (like youtube) using the Kaltura platform (which also includes a video editor).

    This plugins hasn't any cost but you need a Kaltura account in order to use it.

    At this moment Kaltura offers a free trial of 10gb or 30 days evaluation for paid accounts.  You should try it, is pretty good!


  • kxx4 1117 days ago

    Ok, thanks. I just wanted a video plugin that will be have uploaded  files in my server and not third party server.

  • emdagon 1117 days ago

    @kxx4, That is pretty complex, to do it properly you will need format conversion support, streaming support, huge disk space and bandwith.  I aways recomend take advantage of those services which "know" their matter (youtube, vimeo, etc.).  You will save money and neurons =).

    If you worried about the public access to the videos, I think Kaltura can take care of that.  Anyway, you should check it out.




  • Brad Clark 1090 days ago

    KXX4 you can install and run the comunity eddition of Kaltura on your own servers and then it will be all under your control.


  • ElggAbhishek 1077 days ago

    hey Amdagon,  this is abhishek and i am using trial period of your plugin....but ...when i am uploading a "flv" file it is not playing after uploading......can you suggest me....for this....??

  • Yana Maysova 1068 days ago

    thanks emdagon, your plugin is user-friendly and easy enough, i really like it. But is kultura service expencive? I couldn't found any prices on their site. Do you know how expensive the service is?

  • emdagon 1068 days ago

    Hi ElgAbhishek, we made this plugin for a customer, so I'm not aware about the prices.  Anyway, Kaltura has a free trial service that will not expire (as I remember), so you are able to test all features without a payment (I recommended during the development process).

    Also, you can try to use the Open Source Kaltura plattform, so you can setup your own video hosting and pay only for the hosting (PVM or dedicated).

    Sorry I can't help you more.


  • emdagon 1068 days ago

    Hi @Yana, I just reply to @ElggAbhishek about that matter (the comment above =)

  • zenin 1021 days ago

    is there a way by which I can use this widget with Custom Index Widget?

  • PaixLand 994 days ago

    hi , after i upload my own video , nothing apear , no video added .  is ther any ideas ?

  • Rigging Dojo 81 days ago

    We have hired Matt and Arck interactive to extend and upgrading the http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1207533/1.0/simple-kaltura for us.