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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-6-9
  • Downloads: 41964
  • Recommendations: 90

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Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.7

Make your Elgg site look (and in some cases behave) like Facebook

Last updated 802 days ago

This Elgg plugin is a theme built for Elgg 1.8 that will make your site look very much like Facebook. It is meant to be a demonstration of what is possible with the very strong theming capabilities of Elgg 1.8. Disclaimers

If I haven't been clear enough yet: this theme is written for Elgg 1.8. It is guaranteed to break on 1.7.

  • This theme will not and cannot be backported to 1.7.
  • This theme is not in any way affiliated with Facebook or anyone working at Facebook.
  • This theme has been written without any research into the legality of its use on a production site, therefore I urge you not to use it on a production site until you have done proper research. If you are unwilling to do the research, please use this theme only as an example or starting point, and not as your final theme.

I've been short on time lately and haven't been able to contribute as I'd like. However, if you have the ability, I'd love your contributions on github. I'll incorporate them into the plugin if they are high quality and that way we can avoid splintering into several different versions of the plugin. Thanks for your help!



  • imoni

Release Notes:

Thank you to all the community testers who volunteered their time to report bugs and even contribute code!  Your contributions make it possible to create a high-quality model theme for Elgg 1.8!

The following issues have been fixed:

  • "Files" menu item now displays on dashboard menu when file plugin is enabled
  • Added "Create Group..." option to dashboard page menu
  • Added missing translation for river:object:commented:thewire
  • Messageboard posts to group wall are displaying now.
  • Edit profile link isn't hardcoded to "evan" anymore.

And there are probably some more that I'm forgetting. See the github commit log for the exhaustive list of changes.


  • Camille 1057 days ago

    Where can content to the right sidebar?

  • Evan Winslow 1057 days ago

    Camille: your question doesn't make sense.

    Also, I don't know what you're referring to about 1.9.  This theme, as it says in its title, only works with Elgg 1.8, and works quite well.  You must be using 1.7 or lower.

  • idonk78 1051 days ago


    newbie here.  I get a message "Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_register_event_handler() in /home/idonk78/public_html/elgg/mod/facebook_theme/start.php on line 556" after i enabled the plugin.

    I get the same message when i go to my domain.  Please advise and thanks in advance. 


  • idonk78 1051 days ago

    nevermind..I'm on 1.7

  • idonk78 1051 days ago

    nevermind..I'm on 1.7

  • bpreston 1050 days ago

    @Evan, If I had to guess, I think Camille may be asking how to populate content in the right sidebar. 

    Since 1.8 is beta, I presume it is either not yet ready for this capability or the space was left for people to code up and use as they see fit. 

    In either case, this is a great model and example of working with templates in 1.8 to springboard the thought process.  Thanks for this work Evan.

  • Aquilardo 1047 days ago

    Existen errores en el theme, solo da en IE 9 o en Firefox 3+ y admeas la caja de logueo de la cabecera se muestra con problemas

  • ProToha 1040 days ago

    Hi :)

    thanks for the great theme, but it seems that Ive found a bug, not sure if its bug in the theme or 1.8beta.

    Try to make a group, then enter to that group, write something in a text box and press "Post", you'll see that page's proken, no header/footer, just a profile info. But when you press "back" you'll see your post there.

    Please let me know how I can fix it?

    best regards,


  • ProToha 1040 days ago

    just found abother problem, on the default skin when you're in the crop there're 3 buttons above everything, like join group, invite friends, but when I activate your facebook theme there aren't these buttons.

    Please let me know if you're going to work on update of your beautiful theme, so I may wait for update or if it'll take long time, I'll better switch to the standard skin and will try to modify it.

    with the best wishes,


  • ProToha 1037 days ago

    Hi :)

    probably Ive found some more problems with your theme, here's the list:

    1. Follow button hidden when I'm working with your FaceBook theme. Also, it looks like that some other links aren't showing (they're in html source, but I don't see it). When I deactivate theme those links appears.
    2. Something wrong with the bookmark, when Ive made a bookmark, it says Tony bookmarked %s. So %s isn't replacing with the link name.
    3. Its possible to resize box for post only downside, if I'm trying to resize it to the right side its hidden by outer div.
    4. Maybe there's a problem with avatar, after Ive added one everything seems great, but when Ive checked myself profile page under another login, Ive got a message about mistake in the browser status line, page was loaded successfully, but avar wasn't loaded. Everything seems fine with avatar with default theme.

  • Evan Winslow 1037 days ago

    Hi, Tony,

    Thanks for all the bug reports!  Is there any possibility that you could open up a separate ticket for each issue at https://github.com/ewinslow/elgg-facebook_theme/issues?  That would be much appreciated!

  • extREHM 1034 days ago

    how can I insert a drop-down menu that includes custom links?

    (in this User-Menu:)


  • Evan Winslow 1034 days ago

    This theme doesn't support custom menus.  For now, you'll have to write a plugin to customize things.

  • extREHM 1032 days ago

    Thank you for your answer, I thought the theme is a CSS customization, and can therefore be edited with CSS.
    Sorry for my bad English, I use a translator ...

  • Evan Winslow 1028 days ago


  • elias1194 1026 days ago

    Hello because when INTAL plugin for elgg 1.8 No game aparese.
      Or any other plugin that does not aparese intal

  • Evan Winslow 1026 days ago

    It seems like you have a lot of typos in that comment -- would you mind correcting them and reposting?

  • elias1194 1026 days ago

    Hello, INTAL games plugin 1.8, and aparese

  • elias1194 1026 days ago

    Hola cuando intalo el plugin de games 1.8,no aparese en el tema,osea que no puedo entrar


    perdona por mi ingles 

  • elias1194 1026 days ago

    INTAL games plugin 1.8, no aparese,

  • Muhammad Moin 1022 days ago

    hi Evan! Can we make "Like" and "Comment" option to work with jQuery and AJAX??