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  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-12-1
  • Downloads: 4896
  • Recommendations: 12


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Friend requests (Elgg 1.8) for Elgg 1.8

Let users confirm friend requests. Makes all friend requests reciprocal.

Last updated 1059 days ago

Note: this plugin will not work on Elgg 1.7.8. and older versions unless you use vazco_backwards_18 plugin, available here:


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  • ledjboby 1059 days ago

    Very nice !!!

    I think it will be nice in the message the user can accept the friend.


    May be in an update ? ^^

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1059 days ago

    ledjboby, this should be quite easy to add. We're currently working on additional features for this plugin.

  • Starphysique 1059 days ago

    @Mike, Great plugin. Thank you. However, I am  getting: This plugin uses a legacy manifest file and does not specify a compatible Elgg version. It probably will not work!

    Added a new manifest and everything works as advertised. Thanks again...

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1058 days ago

    Starphysique, we used old manifest to keep compatibility with Elgg 1.7.8 when vazco_backwards_18 is used. I'll check wether we can overcome this.

  • Hekolo 1055 days ago

    So it does work on 1.7.9?

  • DhrupDeScoop 1055 days ago

    @Hekolo didya **youself *** TRY with/ v.1.7.9  OR  do you want someone else to spend tim testing for you ?

  • Christian Eder 1047 days ago

    When I found this plugin, I thought that's just the one I was looking for. I translated the language file immediately to german. Unfortunately the plugin did not work. I am using Elgg 1.7.8. Although I installed the backwards_plugin on the top, Friends_request kills my elgg and I only get an error in line 8 of model.php. Please, how can I solve the problem?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() in

  • iionly 1047 days ago

    @Christian: there's another plugin that works for Elgg 1.7.X:


  • Christian Eder 1047 days ago

    @iionly  Thank you very much. This one works fine! I have again translated the language file to German. Should i upload the file somewhere? :-)

  • iionly 1046 days ago



    If you want to I could add more translations you have made in the next release. Send me a PM.

    @Mike: sorry for this off-topic postings. But you might notice that also translations of some of your plugins are included in the collection. ;)

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1046 days ago

    Christian, you can send translation to info@elgg.vazco.eu, we will certainly include it in new release. We'll release new version of backwards plugin soon as well.


    Iionly, thanks, we'll certainly include those translations in our plugins.

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1046 days ago

    @iionly ofcourse that is, if you agree for us to include them

  • iionly 1046 days ago

    @Mike: please do. :)

  • Juan Pablo Inteduc 1016 days ago

    I'm trying to use the plugin friend request (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/728303/developer/vazco/friend-requests-elgg-18) for elgg 1.8, but I pulled the line error file 8 model.php

    "'relationship_guid' => elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid (),"

    I am using the 1.7.5 version of elgg, but install "vazco_backwards_18" plugin and these methods should work elgg 1.8 plugin the friend request

    as I am the site administrator, I put the plugin vazco_backwards_18 first in the list of plugins, as indicated in the description of the plugin, but it did not work, I commented the line but did not work


    Jp Inteduc

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1011 days ago

    Juan, please download newest version of vazco_backwards plugin from here.

  • Djyp 1004 days ago

    Hi, I'm getting blank pages on Elgg 1.8b2 when I try to add someone and when I approve a request. Going back to the page before, everything went well... but something doesnt bring me to any page and everything is blank :/

    More then that, it looks like many pages are blank since I activated the Friends Requests plugin...

    Do you have any idea where it comes from ?

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1003 days ago

    Djyp, I'm not sure what may have caused a problem you describe. We didn't test this plugin on Elgg 1.8b yet.

  • captnbob 989 days ago

    Has anyone had any luck using this plugin??  I am also getting the error:

    This plugin uses a legacy manifest file and does not specify a compatible Elgg version. It probably will not work!


  • ala117 989 days ago

    It worked for me but with a warning message "Deprecated in 1.0: Use elgg_register_menu_item() to register for the title menu". How can I remove this message?

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 989 days ago

    ala117, please disable warning messages in admin->site configuration

  • Mark 982 days ago

    Im trying to use this plugin. When User A friends User B, User B is not given any notification or requested to confirm friend...Where is User B notified?

  • captnbob 976 days ago

    @Mike, what version has this plugin been tested with?  I'm having the same problem as Mark.


  • rsaneas 959 days ago

    @ala117 I've got the same problem as you, I went to Administration->Configure->Settings->Advanced Settings-> And Turned Off Debug mode so the warning message:

    "WARNING: Deprecated in 1.0: Use elgg_register_menu_item() to register for the title menu Called from [#9] C:\xampp\htdocs\elgg8o\engine\lib\views.php:466"

    Doesn't show anymore but still shows the "Deprecated in 1.0: Use elgg_register_menu_item() to register for the title menu". Can anyone help me please?

  • Frank Barcellona 947 days ago

    I am using and it does not work.  I am having the same problems as mark and bob.  Do you have a fix for this?  I really like this mod and would like to have it for 1.8.

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 947 days ago

    Frank, this plugin probably has problems with Elgg 1.8 as it was created for 1.8b. We're currently very busy with projects. It will take us some time to find time to upgrade this plugin (probably 2-4 weeks). Please feel free to upgrade it if you have PHP knowledge.