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  • Category: Spam
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-8-3
  • Downloads: 6830
  • Recommendations: 62

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Spam Login Filter for Elgg 1.8

Blocks registrations using external service stopforumspam.com, internal domain blacklist and internal e-mail blacklist.

Last updated 247 days ago

This plugin validates every registration against stopforumspam, fassim, internal domains, e-mails and IP blacklist.

The five validations can be enabled or disabled, and, to save external resources, the plugin validates the registration in the order below:

  1. Check IP against IP blacklist cache. (Cache expires once a week).
  2. If negative, check e-mail´s domain against domain blacklist.
  3. If negative, check e-mail against e-mail blacklist.
  4. If negative, check e-mail and IP against stopforumspam.com
  5. If negative, check e-mail and IP against fassim.com


  • Four validations can be enabled or disabled.
  • The plugin always checks de HTTP Status of stopforumspam.com and fassim.com. If the service is down, the plugin ignores the service and validates the user.
  • Optionally, the plugin can send, by e-mail, notifications about the blocked spammer.
  • If the user has a StopForumSpam API Key (Optional), the plugin can notify stopforumspam about the spammer.
  • The plugin doesn´t extend the registration form, so must be compatible with every profile plugin. (Tested with Profile Manager).


  • Latest 1.7 or 1.8 version of slyhne's IP address tracker plugin, found here: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/446342/1.8.1/ip-address-tracker-plugin (Tracker Plugin stores IP Adress from user. I think that is wrong create from scratch something that works well).
  • API Key from http://www.stopforumspam.com/ (Optional)
  • API Key from http://www.fassim.com/ (Optional)
  • PHP CURL function enabled. If you use a shared host, check with your host admin.
  • ELGG "daily" cron must be running.


  • Install the plugin below the tracker plugin.
  • Optionally gets a stopforumspam.com API Key.
  • Optionally gets a fassim.com API Key.
  • Modify and save the settings.
  • Done.

To do

  • Cache the blocked e-mails in internal e-mail blacklist, to save external resources from stopforumspam.com and fassim.com.
  • Create internal whitelist for IPs and Domains (Dhrup's request)
  • Collect and show some spam statistics (Blocks by region, etc)

Final notes:

  • If you like it, recommend it! Recommending, you don´t help me: you help the community, showing the best rated plugins and saving hours for new users.
  • Thanks to slyhne for the modifications in tracker plugin and to DhrupDeScoop for the "moral support" during the development.
  • Fassim.com is in beta stage, so the keys are sent, but not right away. If you dont receive your key, just use stopforumspam.com and wait for the fassim´s key.


  • A big "thank you" to Matt Beckett for helping me to develop the 1.8 version. Their efforts was priceless.

Release Notes:

Some code cleanups, thanks to Cash.


  • Miks101 603 days ago

    This looks very interesting and something I will have a play with. We get spammed from this IP, it creates around 20 accounts per day but the accounts dont do anything or interact with the site. Its just annoying having to delete these accounts and if we leave them it will bring down the quality of our website. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Satheesh PM 601 days ago

    ELGG 1.8.6 has ip logs so still we need to use tracker plugin??

  • Ray J 592 days ago

    @Satheesh: Yes, for now. The plugin is still a work in progress and we can, in future, remove the tracker requirement.

  • Dean 588 days ago

    Hi. I'm having problem finding the settings page. The plugin is already activated. Is there a link to the settings?

  • Ray J 585 days ago

    I think there was a bug in the commuty plugin page. I set the 1.8.2 as recomended (Again)

    Try to download now and give me some feedback.

  • MyTeenBlog 572 days ago

    Just to say that I have been running this plugin for about 3 days now and it has virtually stopped all spammers from coming onto my Elgg website, I have even been able to deactivate my captcha plugin. 

    I also see it creating a blacklist automatically (thanks to the external providers) so I know that spammers are actively being denied access, before this plugin I was deleting around 10-20 spammers a day, I've not seen one register within the last 48 hours :) RECOMMENDED!!

  • Mark 566 days ago

    This is such a great plugin:)

  • ura soul 556 days ago

    as far as i am aware, this plugin is involved directly with causing these repeating apache errors:


    my log file hit 60MB after less than 1 week with just me using the site! 

  • ura soul 539 days ago

    i also just noticed that the latest version of the tracker plugin prevents the spam filter plugin from loading because the manifest for the spam filter looks for >= 1.8b and the new version is 1.8c.. elgg isn't logically registering that c > b.

  • elgg!gal 529 days ago

    This plugin really gets the job done, way to go.

  • Satheesh PM 498 days ago

    I am using this plugin for the last 1 year.. and every once in a month i report a spammer and delete it...

    yesterday accidentally i reported a normal user as spammer and deleted it... to delete this spammer data i logged in to stopforumspam.com site and i shocked to see there is no spammer reports after 2012...

    this means that reporting to stopforumspam.com is not working some how...

    but if a spammer try to register it's stoping the registration and i am getting email notifiaction sayting a spammer was stopped during registration with a reason, stopforumspam email black list/

    can u please check it and release a new version for 1.8.. hope new version will be independence of tracker plugin

    i am attaching a screenshot Here http://s15.postimage.org/ftadscsd7/spamsubmit.png

  • Ray J 498 days ago

    @Satheesh: Seens to be a problem with Stop Forum Spam, right? Had you contacted theirs?

  • Social Cog 490 days ago

    Can you provide a link to the tracker plugin?

  • Roman 481 days ago

    I'd added fassim and it's adding every IP address that registers on my site to the blacklist. Next time user logged out they cant login because - they're blacklisted. What's wrong?


  • Roman 481 days ago

    reporting as spam to stopforumspam does not work. No spammers are added with API key of my website. What's wrong?


  • Roman 480 days ago

    Right - every new user who registers on my site is gets IP and email blacklisted, that includes me wwhen I tried making user - test - and got my own, admin IP in the blacklist.


  • Ray J 480 days ago

    Roman, seens to be a problem with Fassim. Try disable the service in plugin´s settings and check if works.

    BTW, I use this version in my production site without problems. Please list your plugins here, so I can check if there is compatibility issues.

  • [cim] 480 days ago

    i also get blocked off from registration page with my OWN ip

  • Ray J 480 days ago

    @Cim: Problems with fassim, too? Tell me so I can put a alert in the plugin´s page. Fassim just refactored all service, with a lot of functions, but it can have new bugs.

  • [cim] 480 days ago

    the IP blacklist is thru fassim correct? i disabled it for now. and yes even my own IP i'm blocked off

  • [cim] 480 days ago

    here's a screen shot


  • Ray J 480 days ago

    @Cim: No, the ip blacklist is trigered by a denied registration. Could by fassim and could be not. Did you read the access denied message? Is important to know the reason for the blacklist.

    To be clear: The ip is blacklisted only if the uses is reconized as spammer. Please check your email and see the reason for the block.

  • Ray J 480 days ago

    Weird, the spam login filter doesn´t hooks the login page, only the registration page. Maybe a incompatibility with ellg´s newer release?

    I will update my test site, but give me more information. I need the content of plugin´s e-mail. The reason for the blacklist.

    And again, by plugin doesn´t hook the login page. Its weird.

  • [cim] 480 days ago

    hmm, not sure why my IP address is considered "spam". i am on comcast cable network.