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  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-8-13
  • Downloads: 2502
  • Recommendations: 4


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PHP Mailer 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

PHP MAiler Plugin Upgraded to elgg 1.8 version.

Last updated 979 days ago

This is an adaptation to elgg 1.8 of the plugin PHP Mailer by Cash (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384769/developer/costelloc/phpmailer). Because i need a smtp plugin for elgg 1.8 i couldn't wait for an upgrade of this plugin and i've made the upgrade by myself ;).

So the credits for this plugin are intact, all the credits are to Cash for make this. I've just only upgraded it.

Description taked from the original plugin:

Full description:


  • SMTP support - including authentication and SSL
  • HTML email
  • File attachments
  • BCCs
  • Additional functionality is easy to add using PHPmailer class

Summary: This plugin has the option to override the default elgg email notification handler and email sending code with PHPMailer. It currently provides support for using the php mail function or a smtp server. See the included readme.txt for more information.

Description: This plugin provides a wrapper to the PHPMailer class. PHPMailer is used by many open source projects including Wordpress and Joomla. The class provides the abaility to send mail through php's mail function, sendmail, qmail, and smtp. It supports html email, file attachments, and embedding images. See http://phpmailer.codeworxtech.com/ for more details. This plugin provides a simple wrapper around the PHPMailer class.

Installation: Unzip and place in mod directory. Activate through Tools Administration. There are admin settings for smtp and non-standard MTAs. There are further instructions in the readme.txt file.

SMTP: SMTP can be setup in the admin settings of the plugin.

Notes:Other plugins may have their own email sending code and will not use this plugin therefore.

Bug Reports: Please post them in the comments along with any related error message in your server error log. If you did not read the readme file or check your error log, I am much less likely to spend time giving you support.

Release Notes:

Tested on elgg 1.8b2


  • Satheesh PM 979 days ago

    can u make this pluggin cron triggered..?

  • Angel Gabriel 978 days ago

    @Thuvalpakshi what do you mean with cron triggered? perhaps the function phpmailer() instead of send the message immediately, will push a message in the tail and cron send the messages? or i don't understand.

  • DhrupDeScoop 978 days ago

    There are *two "cron" situations :-

    1. Linux/OS CRON
    2. Elgg's psuedo CRON thingy (which I believe did not quite work as intended according one of the Elgg Team's recent posts)

    However -- why on earth do you want this PlugIn to be "cron-trigerred" ? What is your intent ? whatcha wanna accomplish ?

  • Satheesh PM 978 days ago

    @ Angel Gabriel instead of sending immediately it should push the message in tail and cron send the message. this will reduce the server load.

    @ DhrupDeScoop Also if the site has more than 2000 members in a group and all members have chosen notify by email, then posting a comment for a discussion will appear only after sending 2000 mail notification.

    if server limit for sending emails is 1000 /hr then rest 1000 will be returned.

    Thats y I asked is it possible to make it cron triggered.

    Thank you

  • iionly 978 days ago

    But wouldn't the server load be the same regardless if the messages are sent immediately or collected via cron. If the sending is delayed via cron you might even make matters worse because if your server is not capable to send the amount of messages at once it surely will get complete overloaded if the message sending of ALL messages is triggered at once.

    Also, the restriction of number of messages could result in an ever-increasing number of un-sent messages. Let's take your example with a 1000 messages/hour restriction: 2000 messages need to be sent. 1000 are sent at the next cron job execution and 1000 are hold back. What happens if yet another posting is made in the meantime and yet another 2000 messages need to be sent? Now already 3000 messages would be in queue. Then the next posting...

  • DhrupDeScoop 978 days ago


    Which CRON ?

    1. Linux/OS CRON
    2. Elgg psuedo CRON

    Other Factors -- Hosting Type :- Shared, VPS, Dedicated ?

    One cannot discuss very much - without the prerequisite choice - those technologies are a couple of galaxies apart ;) 

    Did you ever look at Kevin Jardine's  ? := 

    Message Queue
    by Kevin Jardine
    First uploaded 18 June 2010 @ 8:03am
    email, cron

    Uses cron to send background mail jobs
    This plugin requires a properly set up Elgg cron system. It does nothing by itself. It provides a mechanism which allows other plugins to schedule background mail jobs.

    If you did not.. you missed the boat (queue? lolz) because Kevin removed that PlugIn due to an utterly pathetic and dismal lack of interest shown by the general Elgg community in returning any feedback what-so-ever !!!


  • DhrupDeScoop 978 days ago

    Also "..if the site has more than 2000 members.." ?

    Does your site currently have > 2000 members in Groups ??

  • waynaldo 902 days ago

    hi Angel, i tried this php mailer a few months ago and i couldn't get it working, because i'm a noob about this stuff, i'll now try again, i hope you are available for a bit of advice.



  • Intraespo 901 days ago

    How do I get the the plugin in Portuguese? I'm willing to do the translation, if it does not exist yet

  • Intraespo 899 days ago
    I installed PHP Mailer 1.8 and I have no problem ... or maybe the
    problem is that I see no difference!
    I appropriately configured the plugin, but the messages are sent as
    previously. Everything is working
    as previously. I can't understand the functional advantanges of this plugin.
  • djSupport 877 days ago

    Im rather confused... if this plugin allows you to send html emails where do you write them? and would it allow you to mass email your users i.e. a newsletter?

  • Cash 869 days ago

    I've released a 1.8 version of my plugin. It includes the updated PHPMailer lib. http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384769/developer/costelloc/phpmailer

  • JogiDarkHeart 66 days ago

    Welcome.. Was the same problem with work on it.. After hour i find right way. It work on it - http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384769/1.0/phpmailer so can work hire.


    1st - http://sadeczanie.com.pl/images/plugins.jpg - u must have all options like that !!

    2nd - go to file - mod/phpmailer/vendors/class.phpmailer.php - open in editor

    3rd - use sample from hire using your smtp details - http://sadeczanie.com.pl/images/class_phpmailer.rar

    Have good day ;) !!