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  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-4-2
  • Downloads: 9222
  • Recommendations: 63

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Embed Extender for Elgg 1.7

Allow video embedding to blog posts, comments, messages, pages and the wire.

Last updated 604 days ago

This plugin is a extension of Cash´s Video Embed plugin. It allows video embedding in ELGG content. Just put the URL in blog posts, comments, messages, pages and the wire and video is displayed.

The plugin doesn't make changes in views and doesn't store or modify entities. It just parses the content, through views extending, and shows the video. If you disable the plugin, the video URL is displayed again.

The initial version supports Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe. Others formats is on the way.


If Cash's Embed Video Plugin is enabled, Embed Extender will use the latest version of the Cash's library. Otherwise, the plugin will use a own copy of Cash's library. The latest version of Cash's plugin can be found here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384562/developer/costelloc/embed-video

The plugin needs Cash´s Eager Widgets to work perfectly in profile pages. The latest version can be found here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/535997/developer/costelloc/eager-widgets

The plugin doesn't show embebed videos in Riverdashboard, because the River shows only the first 200 characters of the message.

Notes for 1.8:

This plugin uses a 1.8 beta version of Cash´s Embed library. An update will be released with Cash´s official 1.8 library. (Don´t worry. The actual version works fine)

How to install:

  1. Enable the plugin and set the video width to content and widgets. In default themes, I suggest 400 pixels to video content and 265 pixels to widget content.

To do:

  • Support more video formats.
  • Support more content


A great "Thank You" to DhrupDeScoop for supporting my limited PHP skills and to Gillie for the help in The Wire widget issue.

Final notes:

If you like it, recommend it! Recommending, you don´t help me: you help the community, showing the best rated plugins and saving hours for new users.

Release Notes:

Replaced the deprecated function extend_view() with elgg_extend_view()

Solved a issue with The Wire widget. Now the plugin has 3 video sizes: Large, Widgets and Small Widgets (Like "The Wire"). I recommend, to default themes, sizes of 400, 265 and 150px.

Thanks to Gillie for the Feedback.


  • angrycdn 960 days ago

    Thanks, this works with 1.8.01 also.  Tested blog and the wire but not messages.  

    Does not work with bookmarks or with youtu.be short links (yet?).


  • Ray J 960 days ago

    youtu.be is on the way. Bookmarks could be done, but only in description field and not in the URL Field. My approach is let the views untouched, parsing only text.

  • gastre 960 days ago

    Don't works for me in 1.7.8 ;(

  • angrycdn 960 days ago

    @Ray, thanks for your hard work, :)

  • gastre 959 days ago

    Ok, works on blogs and pages, but in the riverdashboard only show the url.

    don't show the video in riverdashboard?


  • Ray J 959 days ago

    @gastre: The riverdashboard show a excerpt of the content. The first 200 characters, I think. So it´s impossible to parse the URL safety. I will update the plugin's description.

  • Per Jensen 959 days ago

    Hi Ray, thanks for your great efforts, this plugin gets better and better.

    There is still a small problem with wire widget on my side. If you post a video on the wire and look at your profile page then the video width is too large. If you click edit on the wire widget and save, then the dimensions fit. But if you then navigate away form the profile page and back again, the width is to large. Sorry...

  • Ray J 959 days ago

    @Gillie: Are you using 1.7? Do you saved the settings for the three video sizes? Try to disable your theme and test with the default theme to see if works.

  • Per Jensen 959 days ago

    @Ray: I'm still testing on 1.7.11, elgg default theme. Saved settings 425, 265, 150.

    I'll test some more tomorrow.

  • cabotine 959 days ago

    hmm the vimeo doesnt work for me


    maybe because its password-protected? it works on Facebook somehow (do they have another way of embedding?)

    and it would be great if it would work in pages aswell


  • Ray J 959 days ago

    @Cabotine: You are trying to embed a user group. The plugin only embed videos. And yes, the plugin works in pages. I forgot to update the plugin's description.

  • cabotine 959 days ago

    thanks for your quick reply...

    I added a link to a page but it doesnt work :(


    plugin 1.7.2b



  • Ray J 958 days ago

    @cobotine: Not tested and not supported for 1.8 yet. I will make some tests and release a exclusive 1.8 version.

    I need to migrate my three plugins ASAP.

  • Per Jensen 958 days ago

    Now I have tested some more. You use the three dimensions: width, widget_width and small_widget_width.

    When I edit the wire widget and click save, then the value of small_widget_width is used. When I reload the page the value of width is used. Hope it helps.

    Although the wire widget get to work, I would like to keep the wire free of videos. How can I code it, any idea.

  • Ray J 958 days ago

    @Gillie: Found the problem. The video resize doesn't work without eager widgets. With eager widgets, I can found the context of the page and add some intelligence to decide the videosize. Without eager widgets, the wire widget is always outside the "profile" context, so the resize doesn´t work.

    I suggest you install eager widgets until I found a solution. By the way, eager widgets is a good practice in ELGG, making the site faster.

  • Per Jensen 958 days ago

    Thanks Ray, works with eager widgets.

  • angrycdn 958 days ago

    @Ray, i have your plugin working in 1.8.01/ver 1.72b  See above.

  • angrycdn 958 days ago

    @cabotine where did you put the link and what video link were you using? blog or bookmark or wire?

  • cabotine 958 days ago

    I got it working with the vimeo link & youtube link when I put it in comments.


  • gastre 956 days ago

    @Ray J, Thank you. Recmended!!