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  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-4-2
  • Downloads: 9222
  • Recommendations: 63

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Embed Extender for Elgg 1.8

Allow video embedding to blog posts, comments, messages, pages and the wire.

Last updated 603 days ago

This plugin is a extension of Cash´s Video Embed plugin. It allows video embedding in ELGG content. Just put the URL in blog posts, comments, messages, pages and the wire and video is displayed.

The plugin doesn't make changes in views and doesn't store or modify entities. It just parses the content, through views extending, and shows the video. If you disable the plugin, the video URL is displayed again.

The initial version supports Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe. Others formats is on the way.


If Cash's Embed Video Plugin is enabled, Embed Extender will use the latest version of the Cash's library. Otherwise, the plugin will use a own copy of Cash's library. The latest version of Cash's plugin can be found here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384562/developer/costelloc/embed-video

The plugin needs Cash´s Eager Widgets to work perfectly in profile pages. The latest version can be found here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/535997/developer/costelloc/eager-widgets

The plugin doesn't show embebed videos in Riverdashboard, because the River shows only the first 200 characters of the message.

Notes for 1.8:

This plugin uses a 1.8 beta version of Cash´s Embed library. An update will be released with Cash´s official 1.8 library. (Don´t worry. The actual version works fine)

How to install:

  1. Enable the plugin and set the video width to content and widgets. In default themes, I suggest 400 pixels to video content and 265 pixels to widget content.

To do:

  • Support more video formats.
  • Support more content


A great "Thank You" to DhrupDeScoop for supporting my limited PHP skills and to Gillie for the help in The Wire widget issue.

Final notes:

If you like it, recommend it! Recommending, you don´t help me: you help the community, showing the best rated plugins and saving hours for new users.

Release Notes:

Removed some deprecated functions. (Thanks to Emanuel Lasso)

Added spanish translations. (Thanks to Emanuel Lasso too)


  • Ray J 787 days ago

    Guys, this version was released by our Spanish friend Emanuel Lasso. This is the essence of open source: Teamwork.

    As always, give me some feedback.

  • Flexx 787 days ago

    The second plugin you mentioned isnt for 1.8. So are you saying that it wont work as it ought to in 1.8?

  • Flexx 787 days ago

    I have been thinking, instead of showing the video in the river, could something be done to show the user's wire link instead of youtube video link?

  • Ray J 787 days ago

    Flexx: Explain better, please.

  • Emmanuel Lasso 787 days ago

    great work! you're right, the essence of open source is teamwork. Greetings from Colombia



  • Flexx 787 days ago

    Sorry Ray J, Whenever i post a new video and i go to the activity page, it shows the youtube link that i posted instead of the video (which you say cause by the 200 char limit), what i was asking is could it be possible that instead of the youtube link showing in the activity page a link to the user who posted the video be shown instead?

    I dont know if it can be done or if it will take alot of coding. Just a suggestion...

  • Ray J 786 days ago

    Flexx: Read the older comments. EmbedX will not have river support. Its impossible without code hacks. But some users customized the code to support it. But not me.

    I will add this information in the FAQ.

  • Flexx 786 days ago

    Ok got cha.. thanks...

  • Ron Wallace 786 days ago

    I think iZap Video is not yet ready for 1.8 - but, if it was, will there be the same conflict between it and this plugin as is in 1.7 elgg? Thanks.

  • DhrupDeScoop 786 days ago

    if u r talking re: that '#embedvideoembed_4e930780a430b { height: 325px; width: 400px; }' issue - that's more of 'sloppy coding' rather than code logic 'conflict' that should be fixed. but seeing as how izap's been m.i.a. for sooo longg, not holding breath here. if i could (if someone walk me thru) that exact error situation with izap & embedx running together - i'd be inclined to spend some time to investigate into what can be done by embedx to override that izap 'error' ;)

  • Ron Wallace 785 days ago

    If u select version 1.7.4 of this plugin and read all the comments, especially from me and all my tests, you will see what the problem is. It's several days of testing and work. Dhrup, I believe then you had some input.

    This is the final conclusion given by Ray J.

    @Ron: .... For now, keep in mind that IZap and embed_extender cannot coexist.

  • Arsalan Shah ( Liang Lee ) 781 days ago

    How to add link extender mean wehn user add link its auto matically show website description??

  • Ray J 781 days ago

    @Liang: Explain better, please.

  • Arsalan Shah ( Liang Lee ) 780 days ago

    Like facebook when user post a link on wall the wall atomatically fetch the content of link
    like description and title of page!


  • Ray J 780 days ago

    @Liang: It´s possible using youtube API, but we need Ajax and a LOT of code. Not my priority now, since the plugin works well.

  • MrFust 780 days ago


  • DhrupDeScoop 779 days ago

    Does anyone have quality feedback on this EmbedX running with Elgg.1.8.3 ? I kinda will be looking at EmbedX (rather than cwapzi iZapVideos) for the same reasons as my TidyPics comments ;-) And ) I *might* even look into patching the 200 char limit issues while I am at the code !;-P So please -- comment back !;-oO;X;P

  • DhrupDeScoop 779 days ago

    hmm seems to not woiky @1.8.3 ;-(

  • Flexx 779 days ago

    Tht embedx plugin is on elgg?

  • Ray J 775 days ago

    @Flexx: EmbedX = Embed Extender

  • DhrupDeScoop 775 days ago

    @RayJ: ;-oO;X;P ThX I just happened to to be online staring at code and code.. and saw yr new comment, lolz !! People - gotta learn my abbreviations eh ?? of course 'EmbedX' is this very same PlugIn - não diferente ! ;-) I did see Flexx's question last night but was too lazy and 'poopered' out to type any reply.. tenha um bom dia - amigo; Eu estou sempre aqui ;)

  • Nudeler2
    Nudeler2 775 days ago

    I hope that we do not need to learn someones abbrevations, but that we all manage to reject such trivial newspeak.

    In case you now are angry with me because of my honestly statement I may point to the fact that you are the only one, that seems to need this abbrevations.

    Should be since your fan-club only are teenagers. Ok, but we here not all are teenagers, you know?

    I will tell you something: I can't stand your newspeak - you got that?

  • Ray J 775 days ago

    Nudeler always making new friends. :)

  • Flexx 775 days ago

    Koool, to be honest EmbedX Sounds way way kooler! :)