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  • Category: Events
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-5-14
  • Downloads: 602
  • Recommendations: 4


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iCal import/export (events) for Elgg 1.7

easily import or export event through the iCal format (compatible iCal, Outlook, Google calendar)

Last updated 942 days ago


This plugin allows you to easily export Elgg event(s). You can export a specific event or all events from the current month. You can import your calendar from other software too (iCal, Outlook, Google calendar). 

Install & use :


  1. Copy into mod/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin (event_calendar must be activated too)
  3. Configure :
    • your timezone
  4. Integration and usage :
    • links have been added to your event_calendar plugin

Crédits :

  • This plugin integrates iCalcreator class v2.10.5 library - copyright (c) 2007-2008 Kjell-Inge Gustafsson kigkonsult, www.kigkonsult.se/iCalcreator/index.php - ical@kigkonsult.se



  • cabotine 941 days ago

    oh nice

    it would be cool if it would work with 1.8 or does it?

  • jcrestin 941 days ago

    as far as my plugin uses the event_calendar plugin, I'm waiting for the 1.8 release of it.

    But I'll do it ;)

  • rsaneas 937 days ago

    Some days ago anirupdutta made a revision of Kevin Jardine's Event Calendar (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/733043/developer/anirupdutta/event-calendar-elgg-18). He supposed it was a compatible 1.8 version, but it has serveral problems.I do not remomend anyone to use it.

    I'm also waiting a new release of Kevin Jardine's Event Calendar, meanwhile I'm trying to fix anirupdutta's plugin problems.


  • Kevin Jardine 937 days ago

    Just to note that the Elgg 1.8 version of the event calendar is currently under development and the latest version is here:


    The current version supports iCal feeds (but not import yet).

    I haven't used the iCalcreator class library because it was huge and didn't seem necessary for what I wanted to do.

    I would be interested in feedback on the current and possibly future iCal features.

  • jcrestin 937 days ago

    yes the iCalcreator library is quite huge, and many things can't be handle in Elgg now (like VAlarm), but I wanted to respect rfc 2445, and the library does. I didn't have enough time to create a lighter one...

    Talking about alarm, will you implement reminder/notifications before an event, with some settings like the ability for the user to choose when he would be remind (2 hours, 1 day, ... before)??

    I'll test your version when it'll be release ;) but I think iCal import is quite usefull when you have a large amount of events to create.

  • Kevin Jardine 937 days ago

    No, probably none of that. Probably little more than just iCal feeds as is implemented now.

    So I think that there is room for a plugin that adds more features.

  • Ben Borges 528 days ago

    will the event calendar support ical import or rss feed import for events ? or those this plugin here can import into kevin jardine event calendar for 1.8 ?

  • Ben Borges 511 days ago

    i need Import of Ical so badly, i have all my events produced on another platform, and our working group need import to be able to auto feed our working group calendar..there is just not 1 plugin that does that for 1.8.. :/

  • Matt Beckett 511 days ago

    @Ben - I'm working on one right now, patience!


  • blackfox 507 days ago

    Your effort will be greatly appreciated.