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  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-10-3
  • Downloads: 1731
  • Recommendations: 3


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megaprofile elgg1.8 beta for Elgg 1.8

Add a profile similar to Facebook

Last updated 928 days ago

megaprofile elgg1.8 beta

v1.0 beta for elgg1.8.x

Release Notes:


Fix: river activity



Fix: in the admin page

Fix: friends and page list

Fix: user icon to large

Fix: css




  • mpcourt 928 days ago

    Admin Dashboard returns a blank page, all other admin pages are ok i think

    replaced dashboard/ with plugins/ in the address bar and it goes straight to plugins but no Dashboard



  • mpcourt 928 days ago

    Also, any way of having The Wire instead of that users activity?


  • mpcourt 928 days ago

    I like having The Wire at the top its good.

    Is there anyway to display mine and friends activity on the profile page instead of just my activity?

    This would be fantastic, great work so far really appreciate this.


  • mariano 928 days ago

    I like having The Wire at the top its good.


    in the next version 

  • Eloy E Valderrama M 928 days ago

    Hello Mariano. Just to inform you that still have the same problems withthis plug. I have tested our website in Exp, Gog, Fir, Saf, Op I appreciate if you can correct them.

    1 - Lock the default widget admin.
    2 - It allows the admin profile widget.
    3 - Duplicate the group widget.
    4 - Overlay the information of the widget (Blog, group etc)
    5 - The upper part of the central column, has no identification it is not.
    6 - No configuration.

    Finally fuciona the profile with the dashboard which makes repeated.As a suggestion I think you could release the default profile and leave the plug and handle this as a dashboard.

    This is a excelelnte work.

    I do not know absolutely nothing of what they do for our site thatdepends on the creativity of you and gratitude. But I can evaluate it as excellent. (I am integral communicator)

    This plug gives you a good look at our website. www.gregem.org (TheHerd) Catholic Christians.

    Thank you.


    Google Translator

  • Eloy E Valderrama M 928 days ago

    Sorry, good morning to all, from Tierra del Quibian Veragüense. (Part ofthe vast region of Veragua Panama)

  • dinesh 862 days ago

    Nice effort thanks for intimating it to me ... Really great. As it has some fixes yet. i will not put it in my main server. but will test t.

  • mpcourt 785 days ago

    Hows the update going, we ready for a final version yet? very keen


  • Andres 710 days ago

    Buenas noches  y gracias por el mod Mariano , pero no  puedo usarlo ::(( me da este error :


    Deprecated in 1.8: The profile/icon view was deprecated.  Use elgg_view_entity_icon() Called from [#8] /var/www/vhosts/cannabishispano.com/httpdocs/cannabishispano/engine/lib/views.php:503
  • MartinMagi 512 days ago

    Love this plugin and I think its something that was much needed.. the profile looks way better, but for some reason the profile has kind of melded with my admin, so when I go to my dashboard, the whole page is actually my profile but the header and footer is admin?:s.. really hope to get this running but I appreciate its a beta too.. so thanks for sharing it.


  • MartinMagi 512 days ago

    it produces this message

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ElggSite::isBanned() in /home/wwwwizme/public_html/Community/mod/megaprofile/views/default/page/layouts/widgets.php on line 65