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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-10-5
  • Downloads: 1136
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File Audio player in river elgg1.8.0.1 for Elgg 1.8

File Audio player in river elgg1.8.0.1

Last updated 929 days ago

ver 1.0 beta

File audio player in riverdashboard

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ver 1.0 elgg


  • rjcalifornia 929 days ago

    hahaha la bomba??? hahahaha tas loco pana!


    Hey, mira, una pregunta: 


    Solo acepta MP3? Me refiero q si subo un archivo de .doc m dira 'Formato Incorrecto' ?

  • Wandering Bear 929 days ago

     Its a nice idea. But you cant name the plugin "mod/file"  Thats already taken by the original file plugin.

  • rjcalifornia 929 days ago

    @Wandering Bear

    I think the approach for this plugin is for those building social networks focused for musicians. If he filters to only allow MP3 would be good 


    (I know it is not hard, but it would be nice)

  • mariano 929 days ago

    solo permite mp3 si el usuario sube otro tipo de archivo oculta el reproductor y muestra el icono del correspondiente archivo

  • rohit oberoi 904 days ago

    this plugin work same as we upload video from you tube and run on our website.........

    after downloading this plugin will it take a load on my website or its just like uploading video from you tube and runnning on our website...........

    please clear my doubt.................

  • mariano 903 days ago

    @rohit oberoi no lo entiendo 

  • rohit oberoi 889 days ago

     @ mariano  thanks mariano  .go on developing these kind of  plugins  our support will always be there........... highly recommended.....

     i m ur fan   nothin else.................

  • Tawhid 620 days ago
    Loading the player ...sits there