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  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-2-13
  • Downloads: 2143
  • Recommendations: 21


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Brainstorm your elgg 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

A feedback/brainstorm plugin for groups

Last updated 608 days ago

This plugin offer ability to feedback/brainstorm members of groups. I am inspired from http://uservoice.com/feedback


Members can easily submit and discuss ideas, and vote from 1 to 3 about them. Each member start with 10 points. When it reach zero, he cannot vote. This system prevents fraud and vocal minorities.

Members get back points when an idea is accepted (or declined) by group owner. This make sure people focus on the ideas they care most about.

When user submit idea, live search makes sure that members find similar feedback to vote for rather than create a new (duplicate) entry.

It's a very good system to create a dynamic and fun system for brainstorm and feedback on your group.


  • Live search on idea and highlight result.
  • Submit idea get title from the search form.
  • Top, hot list ideas order by ascendent or descendant.
  • Group owner can set status of idea to under review, planed, started, accepted and declined.
  • Group settings to custom description and question of the brainstorm. Choose if group's members can submit idea without point.
  • All ajaxified votes.

Next step

  • Offer group administrator to custom number of started points
  • Offer group administrator to merge ideas
  • Categories ideas for each group
  • Show idea stats with highcharts.js
  • Connect with a task manager ?
  • Set a ticket system like http://uservoice.com/helpdesk ???


Dual licensed under the MIT and GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or late @copyright (c) Emmanuel Salomon 2012

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell

Please, if you want see me continue working on this plugin, donate on paypal emmanuel.salomon @ gmail.com

Release Notes:

Fix many bugs + Group settings + Live search performed + Submit idea without point + Breadcrumb changed


  • Nacho Pavon 525 days ago

    this plugin breaks the login dropdown and others ui:popups for elgg. Tryied to open issue and pull request in the code repository, but i get a 404...

  • Laurent Alias Xiit 434 days ago

    This plugins is in v0.1b for download, where is the 0.4 version ?

  • ManUtopiK 434 days ago

    Just click at the top of this page on Download v0.4 button...
    Or you can take the repository at github. On your console, type :
    gitclone https://github.com/ggouv/elgg-brainstorm

  • ManUtopiK 434 days ago

    @Nacho Pavon I don't have both problems, and I use a lot ui:popups for other plugin.
    Which version of Elgg you use ?

  • manfred salomon 367 days ago

    for me, one one off usefulliest plugins. 
    well done ManUtopiK 

  • Krischan 258 days ago

    Very nice plugin, especially since there is no proper task plugin for 1.8 right now (the rewrite still lacks to many features).

    Two things would be nice though:

    1. Option in the settings to disable the live search and add a button "post new idea". Its a nice feature but confuses users on how to add new ideas (especially also since it gets only acivated when more than 3-4 letters are typed in).
    2. Integration with group-tools to allow group admins to set the status, and not just the original group owner. Currently not even full site admins can set the status, its visible really only to the group owner it seems.

    Especially the second point really needs fixing for us to properly use the plugin.

  • ManUtopiK 257 days ago

    Thanks !

    Take a look on github repository. Others stuffs are done :

    • Rename status of ideas
    • Separate tabs to show status instead of "Accepted" and "Completed"
    • Change idea description without notify on river

    I'm working on it to choose rates between "0 to 3" and "-2 to 2". That makes a rate of value system.

    About your suggestions :

    1. I will take a look to do it,
    2. Full site admin, group owner and idea owner can edit an idea and change status. I don,t know how group-tools work. I will take a look too...
  • Krischan 255 days ago

    Great, looking forward to the next version then!

  • Krischan 224 days ago

    Latest git as an issue with activity view when not logged in... see git-issue I posted.

    Thanks for fixing... this plugin is really usefull (although the name could be maybe changed to Tasks & ideas or such).

  • Krischan 220 days ago

    Any chance there is a new version of this soon? The new features in the git version are really promising, but there are too many bug in it to use it :(

  • B.A. Umberger 175 days ago

    This looks really cool ... Is there way, or something I can change in the code, where each member can start with more points by default?


  • rzhi 171 days ago

    Great plugin, thanks!