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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-1-15
  • Downloads: 3267
  • Recommendations: 15

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hypeMaps 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Google Maps bridge for Elgg

Last updated 830 days ago

hypeMaps is part of the hypeJunction bundle. Before installing, ALWAYS:

  1. Check if the more recent release available at www.hypeJunction.com
  2. Read the README.TXT file that comes with the plugin for all the dependencies, notes, disclaimers and instructions

hypeMaps is a Google Maps bridge for Elgg


hypeMaps capabilities:

  • Identify user's current position using user's browser settings
  • Geocode user's permanent location (profile details)
  • Geocode any location, address or reverse geocode coordinates (hypeFormBuilder supported input fields)
  • Add location to any object in your system (back end coding will be required)
  • Adds support for user places - users can create their own places with custom categories and markers

 Requires: hypeFramework 1.8.5+


  • fareed 826 days ago

    @Ismayil I noticed if you set a default location in the hypemap like NY, NY and any user that signs in their location is automatically assigned on their profile to NY, NY.  The system does not pick their location based on their IP. Is this a bug or the system designed like this? Also noticed for mobile, it does not update their location properly, can I suggest something like http://pear.php.net/package/Net_GeoIP/redirected where the location is based on the IP.



  • Ismayil Kharedinov 826 days ago

    It is intentional. I personally hate it when sites identify my location without my permission. Using gears/browser settings is a more appropriate solution, where users give their explicit consent to be tracked. 

  • fareed 824 days ago

    How would I fix this for my site, because my users complain why they are all NY when they are in Canada and Europe.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 824 days ago

    Rule #1: don't fix what's not broken

    Rule #2: look in the plugins settings - You can define default location

    Tip #1: an answer to 99% of "how" questions in Elgg context is "create a new plugin / add on that will create the functionality you are looking for"

  • fischixd 819 days ago

    I must say this plugin dont work correctly.... You can change the default location in the plugins settings. but the users can not change they permanent location. you click on edit and nothing happens...

  • Flexx 819 days ago

    I too notice that error, i reported in the trac.

  • saroshrabia 819 days ago


    I am newbie, and on top of that not a programer either.  So please forgive me if I am asking any basic questions as I just trying to learn this great application.  My question is as follow.

    1.  How do I add a locations field to groups, which will link to hypemaps. 

    2.  When I click on add new place in maps it doesn't do anything.

    Please help me out here.



  • fischixd 818 days ago

    @saroshrabia there is a bug in this plugin. you can not click on add new place or on change permanent location. So we must wait for a bug fix.

  • saroshrabia 818 days ago


  • mpcourt 791 days ago

    I can change my permanent location in my profile and it also detects the same place so good there, but i can't add new place, shame, really need this feture, look forward to an update, Thank You


  • mpcourt 781 days ago

    Hello, where can i check the prgress of this plugin?

  • dterango 776 days ago

    Can't see any map on hypeMaps, only the blue background. What's wrong with me? :(

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 776 days ago

    @dterango, nothing's wrong with you. Something's wrong with your location. hypeMaps thinks you are in the middle of the ocean, which makes me suspect your server prevents the plugin from making geocoding calls. Make sure file_get_contents() is allowed on your hosting.

    @mpcourt, sorry mate, no timeline yet. Completely rebuilding the UI/UX on all of my plugins and it's taking time.

  • kcirtap1845 774 days ago

    i have the same problem as dterango, although its a bit weird, it detects my location through the browser perfectly but just sticks any place i add in the sea and also the default location is the sea too. That default location is long/latitude of 0,0 tho so it could be the file_get_contents() issue maybe?? although that seems to be allowed and if it was that why does the locating through the browser work?? thanks

  • kcirtap1845 773 days ago

    to add to this, i have checked with my host and file_get_contents is allowed and cURL is also enabled so in theory it should work but just doesnt

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 773 days ago

    Anything in the logs?

  • Opteron 773 days ago

    i think the reason is, google maps doesnt provide the api for free any longer.

  • kcirtap1845 773 days ago

    no nothing to note in the logs, was the first thing i checked!

    @opteron- i don't think you need an api for this anymore, they changed that a few months back! might be wrong though.

  • Jacobo Lopez 773 days ago

    hey what could be a reason for this error to happen? i am new to elgg. I installed it in my local host and had no problem using the plug in, once i uploaded it to a server it gave me an error when pulling the images on the map.  http://social.wannaco.net/places/all

  • benjamin 741 days ago

    I have a good night view this and other plugin installed on my site but when I block the active site and the requirements that I have put intothis and the other hyper that could be the reason for me to block thepage and when I delete the folder in mod activates the page againthanks for the information

  • Jack Zhang 692 days ago

    @fischixd, install a lower version hypeFramework & hypeMap may solve the problem.

    When I replace the 1.8.5 version hypeFramework & hypeMaps with 1.8.1, all problem was solved.


  • Innovative Research 566 days ago

    PLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEASSE someone help. Everything is working perfect apart from two small problems. 


    Firstly, like alot of other people the perminent location is not working! Screenshothttp://postimage.org/image/bxssibtiz/ there must be fix to this, people keep asking this question but never get an answer.


    Secondly, the image of the calendar within events cuts off the last few months, this maybe something to do with my theme but here is a screenshot http://postimage.org/image/cb6vufwaj/b65f1431/


    also add new location doesnt work

  • zeropicron 496 days ago

    Hi, the map is not loading, i just see the loadicon loading. What can I do?

  • Tods 487 days ago

    Hi have the same problem as @zeropicron. the map is not loading. Any idea why ?

  • rjcalifornia 472 days ago

    Does it works with the groups plugin?