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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-12-1
  • Downloads: 1522
  • Recommendations: 9


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Ban users for Elgg 1.8

Ban users for certain amounts of time

by Cash
Last updated 655 days ago

This plugin provides more options when banning users than Elgg's default ban.

  • Include the reason for your records
  • Set the time period for the ban (requires cron to be set up to unban the user automatically)
  • Notify the user of the ban
  • List all banned users

Release Notes:

  • Added the time the user was banned to the admin display
  • Fixed 2 deprecation warnings


  • rjcalifornia 655 days ago



    Loving this: 

    List all banned users

  • Satheesh PM 655 days ago

    y not adding this to the core.. it will be a good feature...

  • Cash 655 days ago

    I would not be surprised if we add this to core at some point.

  • enkce 594 days ago

    this would be good in the core yes

    it would be a good idea to add a sectioon that can allow a person to still log in but ristrict his use on the site i.e like the face bopok one where someone sends to many freind requests and when someone bugs some one they stop them adding people and stops them sending messages to anyone except there friends 

  • kisssssss4ever 593 days ago

    @Cash fantastic plugin, but fully agreed with Satheesh PM , this must be in the core.

    I'm loving elgg...

  • Arsalan Shah ( Liang Lee ) 593 days ago

    @kisssssss4ever  elgg developers is currently busy in other work's, as i know this will be the bundled plugin in elgg 1.9 feature release.

  • enkce 593 days ago

    @liang lee good good cant wait for 1.9 to be out


  • kisssssss4ever 593 days ago

    I found a bug :(

    I can not unban, it says Can not unban user

    Please help and give the solution as I have banned my best friend and now I can not unban him. He is getting angry... HELP Please

  • Arsalan Shah ( Liang Lee ) 593 days ago

    run upgrade.php and then try to unban if you can't unban disable plugin and then unban...

  • DhrupDeScoop 593 days ago

    you have a little big problem here ;(
    ' Can not unban user ' is an elgg core function
        if ($user->unban()) {     THE ELGG API CALL
        } else {
            register_error(elgg_echo('admin:user:unban:no'));   &YOUR ERR MSSG 'Can not unban user'
    there is no code in this plugin that deals with
    your 'unban error' situation..
    and... don't ask me what's causing this ;)
    I've got no solution and no time today to investigate.

  • kisssssss4ever 593 days ago

    @Liang lee 里昂 李  Thanks for the reply, I did run upgrade.php many times also cleared cache etc still can't unban :(

    DhrupDeScoop Thanks for the reply, you could be right, let me do something hope I can fix otherwise will wait here. hope someone will come up with the fixture :D

  • srf68 575 days ago

    Is there any plugin to ban  a user in a group?

  • Diana 499 days ago

    when I set up the time for a user to be banned, the time does not run, it says "1 hour left" even if the user was banned an hour ago... =| the user doenst become unbanned automatically...

  • mrcoffee 403 days ago

    @cash how doi set a Signature in emails sent? example. after the Reason for ban 

    If you feel this was invalid, email us at contact@websitename.com