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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-12-5
  • Downloads: 598
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Menu Sooperfish Theme Purity for 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Enables a Purity-Theme menu like styling for Sooperfish Menues.

Last updated 863 days ago

This plugin was made on request. Making such Theme menues for Menu Sooperfish is _really_ easy.. so I expect that some of you make your own :)

This theme deals with the styling of the submenu items in the 'site' menu when you are using the Purity Theme.

Required Plugins are:

  • Menu Sooperfish for 1.8


And I am very sorry that I have not yet releases a "Theme Pack" for Sooperfish.. i will do that of course.. but please be patient.. as I have other things going on and dealing with UI stuff is what i really like to avoid.. (i think the standard theme is simple, beautiful and highly extendable.. and therefore: perfect)

Release Notes:

/** * @version 1.8-11.12.05 */- Initial release