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River addon for Elgg 1.8

Extends the Activity page with several views.

Last updated 232 days ago

River Addon introduces real-time updates to the river, extends Activity page with modules and The Wire, and offers two or three column layout option.

Choose from twelve different sidebar modules:

Profile Icon, Friends, Friends Online, Latest Comments, Newest Members Info Ticker, Latest Groups, Your Groups, Tag Cloud, Owner Menu, Latest album and Custom Content.

Reorder the modules with drag and drop and place them on the left or right sidebar. Decide where you want to display modules, Activity page or the entire site.

Add Announcement/News module on top of Activity page or the entire site.

Choose which contexts to display in two or three columns layout with ajax Multiselect dropdown menu based on site menu items.

Choose the order of the filter menu tabs, "All, Mine, friends."

Everything is handled in River Addon options panel.


  • Real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river
  • Link to Plugin Settings page
  • General settings: Order of filter menu tabs
  • Layout settings: Show The Wire
  • Two or Three Columns layout option per context
  • Announcement module
  • Sidebar settings: show Profile Icon, Friends, Friends Online, Latest Comments, Latest Members, Ticker, Latest Groups, Your Groups, Tag Cloud, Owner Menu, Latest Photo Albums, Custom Content
  • Move and save the order of sidebar modules, using drag and drop
  • Display modules on activity page or entire site
  • User settings: How many groups to display
  • Language support - en, es, da included
  • Version Elgg 1.8

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Release Notes:

Edit: Project Details

Updated to Elgg 1.8.3

Added: three column layout

Added: layout setting

Added: page/elements/demo_element.php


  • Nudeler2
    Nudeler2 809 days ago

    Three column. Nice! Thank you! Recommended.

  • kcirtap1845 807 days ago

    i'm getting " not a valid elgg plugin" not sure why.

  • Per Jensen 807 days ago

    You probably uploaded the wrong folder. Upload folder river_addon.

  • kcirtap1845 807 days ago

    ohhhh, yeah thats exactly what i did! thanks for that 

  • joiwind 805 days ago

    Any advice about how to add content to the "demo" sidebar please ?

    Which is the included demo file ?


  • Nudeler2
    Nudeler2 805 days ago


    The language file:

    // demo   
        'river_addon:demo:title'        => 'Title of the page',
        'river_addon:demo:text'        => '<p><a href="http://whaterveryouwant.net/">Whatever you want</a></p>

    '<p><a href="http://whaterveryouwant.net/">Whatever you want 2</a></p>

    '<p><a href="http://whaterveryouwant.net/">Whatever you want 3</a></p>


  • Per Jensen 805 days ago

    Thanks Nudeler, that's right. Or you can edit views/default/page/elements/demo_element.php.

  • joiwind 805 days ago

    Thanks gillie and Nudeler.

  • Roy 561 days ago

    One more things to be perfect: be able to comment in the river entry. when some friend type in the river you can not replay in the entry you have to make another entry. there are a plugin that have this feature is rivertalk, but no have the ajax like your, maybe you can do something similar for this excelent plugin.

  • Pala 332 days ago

    I have a question because the layouts dous not stacks with socialize theme but its still amazing plugin. Would it be possible you intergrate this plugin intoo the socialize please would be realy cool and nice.

  • Per Jensen 332 days ago

    @Pale Theme Socialize should work well with River Addon, it does on my install.

    Keep your theme at the bottom of the plugin list. First, add what you want to use, under theme settings, then supplement with river addon.

  • Pala 332 days ago

    ok thanks... I tryt that, the option 3 rows do not works on every page it works only for the activitys. 

  • Per Jensen 331 days ago

    Yes, you're right. The overrides both the same file,


    If you want to use three column layout on pages besides activity page, delete the file in Socialize.

  • Pala 331 days ago

    I also did that now but the sidebars left and right side on the wire page not visable. ( activity works )


    Cleared cash / upgrade.php runned.

  • Per Jensen 331 days ago

    @Pala Go to River Addon settings and select Three Columns layout for The Wire.

  • Pala 331 days ago

    I tryt that.. but the left and side bar dont shows up.

  • Per Jensen 331 days ago

    the sidebars left and right side on the wire page not visable

    Do you mean that you have no sidebars at all (but a full width page without the two grey sidebars? ).

    Or do you have the sidebars, but without content?

  • Pala 331 days ago

    ok found the problem... (had to enable site not activity) only bad is then I see them also on pages where I didnt enabled them.

    but another thing I seen. Photo albums only shows up one album... Is it possible to make readom albums on that section?

  • Per Jensen 330 days ago



    and add this to the options array,

    'order_by' => 'rand()',