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  • Category: Games
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-3-19
  • Downloads: 2049
  • Recommendations: 11


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hypeGameMechanics for Elgg 1.8

Game mechanics (points and badges) for Elgg


hypeGameMechanics allows your users to:

  • Earn points actively for performing certain actions / activities on the site
  • Earn points passively by receiving interactions on their content items (e.g. ratings, comments, likes)
  • Claim badges when a set of defined criteria are met


This plugin is governed by a set of 'rules' - conditions that describe an event (action). Each rule has a unique name and defines a set of conditions that should be met for the points to be awarded or deducted.

Rule Definitions

A set of rules can be extended / modified via the 'get_rules','gm_score' hook.

See readme.md for more.


Global settings are exposed in the plugin settings, but you also override those for individual rules.

  • daily_max - maximum number of points the user can accumulate each day with all rules
  • daily_action_max - maximum number of points the user can accumulate each day with a given rule
  • alltime_action_max - maximum number of points the user can accumulate with a given rule
  • daily_recur_max - maximum number of times the points can be collected each day with a given rule
  • alltime_recur_max - maximum number of times the points can be collected with a given rule
  • object_recur_max - maximum number of times the points can be collected for a single object with a given rule This can be helpful to throttle rules that apply to multiple events, such as 'create','object' and 'publish','object'. Another example would be likes that only apply once to an object
  • daily_object_max - maximum number of points the user can collect each day by performing actions on a single object
  • alltime_object_max - maximum number of points the user can collect by performing actions on a single object
  • action_object_max - maximum number of points the user can collect with a given rule on a single object For example, you can limit the maximum number of points for commenting on an object


Badges are rewards given to users upon fulfillment of predefined conditions. Each badge can be conditioned with 4 criteria:

  • A minimum number of points the user should have
  • Up to 10 rule definitions with a number of recurrences for each rule
  • A number of points a user should spend to uncover the badge
  • Other badges that are required before a badge can be claimed

There are 3 types of badges:

  • status - status badges will define current user status on the site
  • experience - experience badges will be displayed on the user profile to symbolize achievements/contributions
  • surprise - surprise badges will not be visible in the badge gallery


  • Administrators are exempt from point rules


See readme.md


Release Notes:

Complete revamp. 

If upgrading, run upgrade.php.

If you have custom rules, you will need to rewrite them to match the new style.


  • Ismayil Kharedinov 21 days ago

    Has anyone tried the new version yet? Gimme feedback

  • simrah 13 days ago

    Hi Ismayil ... Firstly, just wanted to congratulate you on loads of great work that you are doing.  Your plugins are just awesome.  I have installed the plugin, however, have a problem with the badges gallary tab and my gallery.  It says Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested. All badge gallery settings not working. Thanks!

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 12 days ago

    Are you upgrading from an earlier version? Run upgrade.php. 


  • simrah 11 days ago

    I've done a new install.  Ran upgrade.php ... still with no luck!  Also, using hypeThemeX 1.2.10 and hypeFramework 1.9.07.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 11 days ago

    Try disabling the framework.

  • simrah 11 days ago

    No luck with that.  How do you actually upload badges.  It's counting out the points perfectly and you can see the leader board, etc.

  • Rohan Jacob 10 days ago

    The leaderboard page does not seem to work, "Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested".

    Using elgg 1.8, without hypeFramework

  • Rohan Jacob 10 days ago

    Update: Got it to work, after enabling  the framework, trying the older version, then disabling the framework (not sure if that made a difference) and tried this version. Running update.php still keeps the old points, while points are not being added for user actions such as creating a blog post, etc. The leaderboard  badges and my badges pages are not working.

    On the other hand, great work! Ive been making a test site and your plugins have been extremely useful (esp hypeAlive and hypeFaker). Please carry on the good work!

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 10 days ago

    Got it fixed on github. The content of the lists was empty on a new install, so the pages weren't rendering properly. 

  • Satheesh PM 9 days ago

    how to delete/reset all points from the site and start a new points system?

  • Rohan Jacob 9 days ago

    The points do not seem to be counted or added for user actions.

  • simrah 9 days ago

    Hey Ismayil, thank you for the update ... seems to be working fine so far ... will let you know if I hit a problem.  Thank you once again!

  • Rohan Jacob 9 days ago

    Ok my bad the points work perfectly, I was testing the site as an admin (and had overlooked the note mentioning it wouldnt work for admin users). Maybe an option to include admin users would be useful. Great work overall!


  • Ismayil Kharedinov 9 days ago

    I am glad you figured it out. I left out ad mins purposefully, as ad mins tend to add/edit/remove content of other users, thus gaining and loosing points that make no sense. Also if you end up with a negative balance, you might be able to do things on the site (given the settings)

  • Rohan Jacob 9 days ago

    I understand your logic for doing so. However, when testing out custom rules and settings it becomes tedious to shift back and forth from an admin user to a regular user. So maybe you could consider the option from a testing perspective?

    Another point I'd like to note is as Satheesh pointed out. Is there anyway to reset the point system? 

    I am currently working on addng my own rules for my custom objects. Will let you know if i encounter any problems.