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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-2-13
  • Downloads: 2312
  • Recommendations: 5


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Nubeso Player for Elgg 1.8

Let users play videos in your page

Last updated 787 days ago


+Let your users to play videos in your page.

+Videos are taked from File plugin (like zaudio).


  • flowplayer ( flowplayer.org || GPL3 || flash) 
  • video.js (videojs.com || LGPLv3 || HTML5)

+Compatible Formats:

  1. flv (flowplayer)
  2. mp4*
  3. 3gp (flowplayer)
  4. ogv (video.js)
  5. webm (video.js)

*mp4 is supported by flowplayer and video.js, admin can choose wich player to use trough admin settings for Nubeso Player.

Release Notes:

Fixed the link to file.

Fixed sending correct .ogv mime


  • Elgg Türkiye 785 days ago

    how can I embed videos from the file plugin into blog posts?

  • itstheshawnp 741 days ago

    love the plugin...just wish you could have videos in a seperate gallery link like the videolist plugin, as well as support for video thumbnails.  the default files plugin is ok, but ugly when mixing videos, photos, and other misc files.  i want misc files ti show under files, photos under gallery, and video under video, similar to videolist.  i just want to upload, store, and stream from my own server, not a 3rd party like youtube.

  • itstheshawnp 741 days ago

    another thought...i know it should be possible, but how would i go about centering the video that was uploaded?  by default the video player is formatted to the left side.  its not bad, but easily noticable when there is a lot of text that extends past the resolution of the video.  i can center any text that is posted, just not the video itself...need help.

  • itstheshawnp 734 days ago
    actually i just found a fix for centering the video fr those who are interested...tested and working.

    open the file "flowplayer.php" in the folder "\mod\nubesoplayer\views\default\nubesoplayer\"


    <a href="<?php echo $video_url; ?>"

    replace with:

    <a href="<?php echo $video_url; ?>"

    be sure to replace the "XXXpx" with whatever video size you desire.

    (as for video-js in the same folder, i have not tested this, but perhaps try to add

    margin-left="auto" margin-right="auto" vertical-align="middle" right after the video resolution.)
  • NoobyNoob 733 days ago

    Has anyone succesfully uploaded/played .ogv and .webm video files?

    As I mentioned in this post (http://community.elgg.org/pg/forum/topic/863797/ogv-and-webm-video-mime-type-not-recognized/) they don't get recognized as video files in file plugin, the file icon after upload is the "generic" one and not "video" icon like on all other videos uploaded.

    Is there a need or a way to add this extra mime type to elgg?


  • kxx4 716 days ago

    hello, those this support uploading videos to my server?..or just streaming from a 3rd party server