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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-2-21
  • Downloads: 1437
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Moderators for Roles for Elgg 1.8

Implements the Moderator role for Elgg via the Roles framework

Last updated 785 days ago

This plugin adds more granular access to your Elgg site by introducing a new user role: Moderator.

Moderators can edit other users' content and view or act on reported content, but can't access other admin features. To appoint one of your users as a Moderator, first make him/her an admin user, then change this user's role to 'Moderator'. You can do this by going to the user's settings page, which is something like http://your-site-url/settings/user/username. Make sure you're logged in as an admin user - this is required to change user roles.

The plugin requires the Roles framework - make sure you install and enable that one first.

Release Notes:

Initial release


  • Satheesh PM 785 days ago

    Again. Recommended... nice work

  • Trajan 784 days ago

    Sounds good, but would it not make more sense to merge the two steps into one? Hook into the "make admin" action and change the forward to the make moderator action?

  • dinesh 781 days ago

    nice one ...

  • Kai 776 days ago

    Hello it doesn't work,

    I have installed the Roles Framework, then Moderator roles and Administrator for Roles. When I change a user into a Group moderator, and after that when this new Moderator goes online, the site is not available, internal error 500. 


    What is the reason?

    Best regards.

    Kai http://dunkle-biene.honey-bees.de

  • Arck Interactive 775 days ago

    @Trajan that is certainly a possibility. Will consider for next release. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Kai Just tested this on Elgg 1.8.3 and works as expected. What Elgg version are you using? Try to disable all plugins except for the bundled ones, then enable the Roles family, and see if you still have this error.

  • Stumpy 774 days ago

    Hi thanks for this much needed plugin, There's one little bug I found tho'.  When  I (main admin) click on my messages icon to go to my inbox it just redirects to index.

    Any ideas?


  • Andras Szepeshazi 774 days ago

    @Stumpy please upgrade to Roles 1.0.1, this issue has been fixed already.

  • rjcalifornia 774 days ago

    Nice work! Andras, I have not look at the code yet, but I was wondering how to restrict moderators from, let's say 'upload files' or 'create blogs' or other stuff??

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 774 days ago

    @Rodolfo, the plugin comes with some detailed documentation. It should all be clear in there

  • rjcalifornia 773 days ago

    @Ismayil Thanks! Digging into it!!!

  • Stumpy 773 days ago


    Awesome thanks!

  • Kai 773 days ago

    @Arck I use Elgg 1.8.2, maybe this is the problem? Best regards.


  • Kai 772 days ago

    @ARCK: Now I have got Elgg 1.8.3, it still doesn't work.

    Then I have deactivated all plugins except Roles, and Moderator for Roles. But now I am not able to admin the users.

    Where can I find the server's Error logs?

  • Kai 772 days ago

    Hello again,

    one step forward: it works without any theme, but it does not work with the "Easytheme".

    Can anyone help?

  • mrcoffee 743 days ago

    yes. disable the theme. it seems there is a view being disrupted.

  • asid 702 days ago

    hi,thanx for your useful plugin (framework!).

    can i deny moderators from "editing profile" and "settings" of other users?

    this is my code, but it doesn't work!

    'pages' => array(
                        'settings/user/{$pageowner_username}' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'profile/{$pageowner_username}/edit' => array('rule' => 'deny')



  • Andras Szepeshazi 701 days ago

    @asid, I'm afraid that part of the framework is experimental, and will not be able to do what you need here. Your best bet would be to register a hook or event handler in the roles configuration array, that explicitly checks the current page, and denies access on the fly as necessary.

  • asid 700 days ago

    thanks Andras. i think i must read again and again about hooks, this part of elgg is a little unclear for me ;)

  • PrivateMe 662 days ago

    Can someone please tell me from where can i download this "roles framework"? I can't find it on this site or any other. Or if someone can help me with some indications on how to modify the existing admin rules and make it for moderator...

  • mraeryceos 477 days ago

    "Admin options" for a user's profile: the "make admin" and "explore log" don't belong because the moderators don't have permission.  For moderators, how to get rid of these two listings in "Admin options"?  I tried to look at the code, but it's beyond me.

  • Speedysnail6 453 days ago

    can you make it so moderators cannot edit admin content

  • DhrupDeScoop 453 days ago


    u been gone hiding soo longg!;-X
    this moderator limited power ->
    can be achieved by simple metadata flag = 'moderator' and
    then using that to control whatever admin areas that you want.


    then afterwards `-`->
    if $user->moderator {
        allow do this or do this..
        but not do that nor that...



  • Speedysnail6 452 days ago

    okay. thanks.

    Sorry. I have been busy with school but i am working on a new elgg project dhrup: can u add me to GTalk

  • Speedysnail6 452 days ago

    I want it so the moderators can't do things to the admin