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  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-3-10
  • Downloads: 1086
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CSV Group Upload for Elgg 1.8

Create groups from CSV files

Last updated 770 days ago

Inspired by upload_users project by Jaakko Naakka (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/release/165550/developer/naakka/upload-users)

This is an upgraded and slightly modified version of upload_users plugin by Jaakko Naakka from Mediamaisteri Group.

This plugin allows you to import CSV files and create new groups with any metadata specified in your CSV.


  • Paul 677 days ago


    I can get the group names in but not description, brief description and tags.

    I am using:

    name, Description, Brief description, tags

    but it only imports name into the fields.

    What should the file look like to bring the rest in?

  • Ismayil Kharedinov 676 days ago




  • Paul 676 days ago


  • Tawhid 626 days ago

    if you mess it up and want to delete all the groups do the following : Go to cpanle then phpmyadmin

    select your database where elgg is installed then find elgg_entities then look into the pages and only delete the object that says groups

    I have added an screenshot if needed.



  • Andrea Wasik 327 days ago

    I was able to get it to read in my csv file of groups, however when I click the button "create groups", I then get this message:

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?