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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-12-14
  • Downloads: 2780
  • Recommendations: 36


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User validation by admin for 1.8.X for Elgg 1.8

Moderate the user registration by admin approval

Last updated 98 days ago

Moderate the user registrations in your site by 

  • New users are disabled until admin approves them
  • Admin will get a notification on new user registration, requesting to validate the account. The informations include username, email, ip, country and region
  • Admin can directly approve the users from the link in mail or from the unvalidated user section in the admin panel
  • Users will be notified by email once the account is approved 

More information available at http://www.webgalli.com/elgg_plugins/profile/5069/user-validation-by-admin-for-18x



  • José Monteiro 697 days ago

    Nice plugin

  • Shah 696 days ago

    Waaah... I was waiting for it.... recommended!!!!

  • ivanoman 695 days ago

    Grande !
    This is what I was waiting

  • Team Webgalli 695 days ago

    @all :thank you all. dont forget to recommend it if you find it as useful.

  • Jinku 695 days ago

    Great. Recommended..

  • A Rojas 694 days ago

    Great job.  Recommend.

  • ivanoman 693 days ago

    yess Recommend


  • Evan Winslow 689 days ago

    Nice work. I feel like this stuff needs to go in core. I consider this a basic user management feature that we should just provide out of box.

    If there's any interest in that, please do submit a ticket to trac. It would allow us to merge the duplicate code from uservalidationbyemail as well, which is always a good thing. You'd probably need to remove the geobytes stuff.

    In the meantime, I've made a few improvements. If you'd like to collaborate on github: http://github.com/ewinslow/Elgg-uservalidationbyadmin

  • ivanoman 689 days ago

    Hi Evan
    Can you tell me wich improvement you made.
    May be I can install you serversion aslo.


  • Team Webgalli 689 days ago

    Sure Evan. Just sent you a pm.

  • Al 688 days ago

    This has been a fantastic plugin which I encourage intergration into core alongside uservalidationbyemail

    A much better way to stop the human spam bloggers

  • Team Webgalli 683 days ago

    The plugin s supposed to work with default elgg installation. The plugin proovides the profile field infos like username, display name, email. If you have extended the registration form with additional fields, its a site specific modification and we cant implement it with this package.

  • Team Webgalli 656 days ago

    @Sachin :take a look at the notification mail to admin function. You can add the profile informations in that mail.

  • hleroy 652 days ago

    I would also like to add additional profile info to the email so I can better decide whether to approve the registration request. Can you please advise where to find the file to modify as you suggested in your response to:

    @Sachin :take a look at the notification mail to admin function. You can add the profile informations in that mail. Thanks

  • mathes 646 days ago

    I have installed this plugin on 1.8.6. I see there is a conflict between "user validation by email" & "user validation by admin". After enabling validation by admin, only an empty mail goes to the user instead of a validation link.

    Instead of this, what I expected was 

        1. once a user registers at site, validation link is sent to his email.

        2. Once user validates their email, this registration goes "pending approval" by admin.

    As such, only one validation can be used at present. I think these validation by email & validation by admin have differetnt purposes and both should be simultaneously working.

    Anybody else face the same problem?

  • Norduk 639 days ago

    Admin approval? It would be a great idea by the user, target of comment, has the power to approve it, before it goes public.

  • pablofdes 600 days ago

    Hello to all, on having installed the pluggin in elgg 1.8.8 and the first time works, the following ones not, on having  registered nothing happens. any advice would be appreciated regards

  • mhauptma 600 days ago

    @padlofdes What do you mean with "nothing happens"? No mail to your admin account, if yes maybe there is something wrong with your mail settings. If not, please have a look into your admin panel, is the new user listed in the Unvalidated-list?

    @Team Webgalli: Hey i tried to modify the mail so i recieve more information from a new user. I created a new profile field which is called "reason_for_registration" but if try $name->reason_for_registration nothing happens. Some help would be nice :)

  • mhauptma 600 days ago

    I found my problem.. i didn't have the permission :D

  • Team Webgalli 600 days ago

    @mathes: It is not supposed to work together with uservalidationbyemail. Without additional development, it is not possible to implement your requirement.

    @psblofdes: Provide with a detailed report on what exactly is your problem

    @mhauptma: the user metadata's are disabled until they are validated. So you cant get the data via $user->metadata_name. 


  • DhrupDeScoop 600 days ago

    @mh - ' * bypass the access system.'

  • pablofdes 594 days ago

    Hello to all

    @mhauptma @Team Webgalli

    "nothing happens" it means

    The first time log of new user is correct (mail to admin account, user in unvalidated list...)

    The following day on having tried with new user 

               I return to log page

               No mail to admin account

               new user is not in listed in the Unvalidated-list

    any advice would be appreciated regards

  • pablofdes 594 days ago

    I uninstall the pluggin and install again and the result is the same, first time is ok second time it does not work

  • Shah 589 days ago

    Is it possible that after submission of registration form, user will redirect to a particular page where information about the registration process can be provided?


  • raymongey 589 days ago

    I'd also like to know if user can be redirected to be provided more information about the registration process..... or at least they receive an email straight away saying they have signed up and adminstration will approve them and send confirmation email soon

    Is this possible? Any thoughts?