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  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin blogextended 1743 days ago
    • Bob 1713 days ago

      hi Diego

      I wonder is there a fixed number of groups that you can "assign" blog posts to? On the assign drop-down I can only assing to 11 groups but I am the owner of about 20  Ch Bob

    • Don Robertson 1711 days ago

      Hi - installed this neato mod, and notice that the widget on the groups page for Group Blogs is not consistant with the other widgest on the group pages when the group has no blogs.

      The other widgets have a div wrapping the contents empty message. They use a <div class="forum_latest"> - there may be a better class, but that is what they use.

      I fixed it by changing the file blogextended/views/default/groups/groupcontents.php file to look like this from line 22:

      else {

      echo '<div class="forum_latest">';

      echo elgg_echo("group:contents:empty");

      echo '</div>';


      Works for me :-)

      good mod.

    • Don Robertson 1683 days ago

      I wonder is there a fixed number of groups that you can "assign" blog posts to? On the assign drop-down I can only assing to 11 groups but I am the owner of about 20  Ch Bob

      By default, the function that populates the dropdown list will only get 10 groups (plus My profile = 11).

      In the blogextended/views/default/groups/groupselector.php file, lin 29:

      $objects = get_entities_from_relationship("member",page_owner(),false,"group");

      can be changed to

      $objects = get_entities_from_relationship("member",page_owner(),false,"group","","","",100);

      to give 100 groups - which should be enough for anybody :-)

      Of course, you should change this in your theme.


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    • mylamilagros 1684 days ago

      great plugin! nice work!

    • mrana 1664 days ago

      Ok, I have this installed just fine.  I select one of my gmail accounts and it pulls in all my contacts just fine as well.  However, after i select the contacts i want and click the invite button i get the following error:

      "Invalid Session ID"

      Any thoughts on what could be causing this and how I may fix it?  Thankyou in advanced.

    • Saijian Li 1646 days ago

      I had the same problem with "Invalid Session ID".  In my case, the problem comes from "$fop=fopen($file,"wb");" in file openinviter_base.php. It could not find the cookie directory. I changed the "cookie_path"=>'c:\\tmp'" in config.php. It worked.

      Good luck.


  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Thematic - theme switcher 1744 days ago
  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Wikilinks 1744 days ago
    • chiinook 1722 days ago

      I'd love to see further development of this plugin, or perhaps simply a wiki solution.

    • chiinook 1722 days ago

      wikilinks failed to create a new page until I removed a forward slash in line 79 of start.php

      $page_url = $CONFIG->wwwroot . "/pg/pages/new/?parent_guid=$source->guid&container_guid=$source->container_guid&newtitle=" . urlencode($link_text);

      $page_url = $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/pages/new/?parent_guid=$source->guid&container_guid=$source->container_guid&newtitle=" . urlencode($link_text);

    • RPGRealms 1377 days ago

      I can confirm the same bug and fix.

  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Fisheye Menu 1745 days ago
    • ni3 1637 days ago

      Somebody help me to make it work with Elgg 1.6.1...

      I am not sure if its already available... 

    • Blue 1566 days ago

      Does not work with Elgg 1.6.1

    • Georges Gillard 1471 days ago

      @ni3 @blue this plugin work very well with 1.6.1 

      @BuBu  it's a nice piece of work ,  but

      menu should not be the same for logedin and non logedin users 


  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Externalpages with spotlight 1745 days ago
    • jeffgipson 1658 days ago

      Can Someone give me step by step directions to install this plugin

      Sorry I am new at this (Have no clue what Im doing)

      Thank You

      Jeff Gipson


    • Rene 1635 days ago


      I've found a better way of coding for spotlight so that it displays the one for logged in users and the other when not logged in:

      </div><!-- /#layout_canvas -->

      if (isloggedin()) {  //do stuff
      echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars);
      else { //do some other stuff
      echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars);

      instead of what was listed above:

      <!-- Spotlight logged in only
              <!-- spotlight -->
              <?php echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars); ?>
      ?> -->

      <!-- spotlight everyone -->
              <?php echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars); ?>

      As I was getting the "-->" on my page when rendered.

      The code I have shown works like a charm.  Just thought I'd add my "2 cents" worth.  No disrespect to anyone intended.



      by the way, I'm using elgg 1.6.1

    • Sem 1634 days ago

      Nice work, Rene.

  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Add to any 1745 days ago
    • Deejayh 1564 days ago

      same here! Loaded this and its gone very slow.............

    • elgg_noob 1562 days ago

      @Fabrice will you be updating this plugin? or is it not required.

      Thanks again, verified working on 1.6.1

    • kxx4 312 days ago

      I guess this plugin enables site users/visitors 'share' what ever content/comments etc on they have on elgg site with other social sites. that will be great if it works on version 1.8.x.

  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin Canvas Menu .8.5 1753 days ago
  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin MyFooter 1755 days ago
    • Carlos 1574 days ago

      Thanks imcobarn,

      These are good points, although I did leave calling the site and year out deliberately. Some websites are owned by other sites or companies who then legally own the copy right. For example, your company 'Company Ltd' owns your website 'www.site.com' in which case your copy right statement would read Copyright 2009 Company Ltd. As for the year, there some countries that requires registration of copyright and they issue a periodical license so it would not be any good to display the year unless they have a registration for that year like here in Australia.

      But, you are correct in using that code to call both the site name and year.



    • Molly Ogren 1421 days ago

      Hi Carlos--

      I appreciate all you've done with this plugin, and your very detailed "extra" instructions above!  Thank you :).

      I am having one problem that I hope you can help me with...I cannot change the color of the five links!  I've changed EVERY hexadecimal value in the footer/css.php file to #FFFFFF, and they just won't change.  The copyright text in the left cell of the table is white now, but the links in the right cell just won't change.

      Please let me know if there's something obvious that I'm missing.

      Thank you so much!


    • DhrupDeScoop 1421 days ago


      I do not think that Carlos will be answering this question for some time.. I know from some reliable sources that he has been offline (no internet access) for quite some time - maybe a few weeks;-(

  • Lee-vit-Over commented on the plugin ElggChat 1756 days ago
    • Jackson 1745 days ago

      lord55 thank u for da information, but in site administration i can't see a checkbox for simple cache. maybe i'm using another elgg version. however thank a lot to u.

    • stephen 1742 days ago

      For those who had it stop workgin (nothing in top toolbar.. and profile page being launched in the bottom right)...   do you think it was from doing a nightly build upgrade?

      I upgraded yesterday and have these same problems getting it working..

    • pipwax 1684 days ago

      I got a misconfigured plugin. What could I be doing wrong?