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  • Frank Jepsen has a new avatar 1823 days ago
    Frank Jepsen
  • Frank Jepsen commented on the plugin Simple Neutral Theme 1823 days ago
    • LaurentR2D2 1070 days ago


      I'm using Simple Neutral theme on an Elgg install and I've installed menu_builder plugin. I've removed the standard menu of the theme to have the menu_builder one instead. It works well when I'm logged as admin, as you can see below 



      But it doesn't work whan I'm logged as simple user :




      I've been told that I should remove something in the theme, but I can't find what. Could you help me, please ?


      Thank you

    • İşöğüçı 710 days ago


      I was trying out this theme for the first time and with elgg v1.8.4. It gives the following error:

      Deprecated in 1.8: pageshells/pageshell is deprecated by page/default Called from [#5] C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\elgg-1.8.4\pages\river.php:60

    • halimjon 452 days ago

      Im new to this website and also new to this social engine, it took me almost a 3 days to install. I know im bad, thats why im asking how to install plugins not only this one but the other plugins? thank you