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  • MikeK commented on the plugin User validation by admin for 1.8.X 532 days ago
    This plugin sends the email to the first/primary admin instead of reading the site file for the email address. It states it is from that site email, but does not send the admin approval to it. Example: site has all email related plugins and site...
  • MikeK commented on the plugin Image CAPTCHA 761 days ago
    Works very nicely. Since adding this, foreign spammers have dropped to maybe 1 per month.
  • MikeK replied on the discussion topic SOPA Strike in the group General Discussion 824 days ago
    This is an excellent video on the main problem with SOPA/PIPA: http://vimeo.com/31100268 SOPA/PIPA essentially allows the government to block any single page or entire website for one single infringing links, picture, note sung, anything that...
  • MikeK joined the group News Blog Discussion 824 days ago
  • MikeK commented on the plugin Private_River_1.8 870 days ago
    Need to make a mention in the release info above: not compatible with "hypeAlive" plugin, you can only use one or the other, not both.
  • MikeK commented on the plugin Daily Bible Verse for 1.8 870 days ago
    We added it and set as a default widget on our Christian social site http://afoconnect.com Good work!!
  • MikeK added a new discussion topic Language selection plugin in the group Plugin Development 871 days ago
    I have a group that is starting to grow, and one option in elgg itself is the language selector, but the problem is that this only modifies a few of the primary menu items, everything else remains in English. Is anyone creating, or already released...
  • MikeK joined the group Plugin Development 871 days ago
  • MikeK commented on the plugin Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin 871 days ago
    We have a 1.8.1 server with tidypics 1.7.3 running. I believe most of the feature work as long as most of the php files are converted to the new elgg_ commands... For example, elgg_extend_view replaces extend_view. Some plugins you just modify the...