Remove Powered by Evnix from Chat 1.6 frei-chat(7.2)

How can I to remove "Powered by Evnix" link from frei-chat(7.2)???

I looked for this:

"+freidefines.pwdby+" EvNix

In elgg/mod/chat/vendors/freichat/client/freichat.js, but doesn't appear.

Thanks for your time,
Luis Armando


  • By Matt Beckett

    I believe according to their license you are not permitted to remove the "Powered by"

  • By RvR

    1- It's illegal (read FreeLicense.pdf in vendors\freichat\ folder)

    2 - Google it

  • By Mohammed Aqeel

    You can remove the credits by buying a licence from

  • By RJ (Arvixe)

    Bottom line, in the free version you cannot remove the powered.

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • By mariano

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it contained advertising.

  • By Matt Beckett

    To be clear - that wasn't advertising.  I did remove the comment though, we shouldn't be posting code or how-to's that break licenses.  Let other shadier sites take care of that and if people want to copy/paste code from there then that's on them and this community/site is not involved.

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