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  • Cim

    just like wordpress, simple but still a great plugin! recommended

  • elgg!gal

    Excellent widget to the admin panel for making sure Elgg is up-to-date. Nice.

  • Paweł Sroka

    Thanks for comments and recommendations. Hope it'll make it to the core.

  • RJ (Arvixe)

    It might seem simple but it is very important! Thanks!

  • ura soul

    i just saw notification of upgrade to 1.8.13 - downloaded it ahead of it being announced.. and found that at least one of the issues in the changelog is not actually fixed in that version..
    so... does anyone know what's gone on?
    did i download the files too soon? 

  • Paweł Sroka

    Information on newest version is taken from github tag (or page if for some reason, first option is not availible). If you were able to use download link on the widget, the package was already uploaded, otherwise you'd get 404 error. Main page is updated with some delay but tags should be definitive.

    Can you compare previously downloaded package with the one currently available at download page ?

  • ura soul

    thanks for the info. i let cash know that the issue is not fixed for me.. i await a response after his investigations before exploring here.

Paweł Sroka

Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.


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  • License: Expat (MIT) License
  • Updated: 2015-1-31
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