Release Notes:

1.9.0 - 1.9.1

- Ensure that private messages and notifications are not accidentally replaced by other message types

- Bugfixes

  • Jeroen Dalsem

    Wow... looking great.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    Jeroen, it would be great to incorporate PM profile types. Not time at the moment, but pull requests are welcome.

  • Krischan

    IMHO, this and a few other outstanding plugins (profile/widget manager etc.) should really become core plugins in 1.9 if that wasn't been decided already ;)

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    IMHO, this is too heavy-weight for core. We are yet to find out what the performance hit on this and how well it scales. I followed the patterns from the messages plugin, but the number of joins is ridiculous to be honest. 

  • Krischan

    Well, lets be honest: I doubt any Elgg site will become the next Facebook, and for smaller community sites with maybe a few hundred users it should work fine, no?

  • mariano


  • mariano

    private messaging system chat style would be a good idea.

  • ura soul

    i am testing this.. here are the issues i have found so far:

    • breadcrumb trail of inbox has two 'messages' labels.. the 2nd one should be 'inbox'.
    • the text label for 'Private messages' is missed out from the english language file.
    • the text label for '%s messages cound not be delete due to their read-only setting' has a mis-spelling in it.
    • the import in the admin panel started ok for me.. i then flushed the cache mid import and the import never completed. now when i press the import button nothing happens.. so i haven't seen the full admin panel load here yet.

    overall i think it's a great plugin and should be in core. :)

  • ura soul

    oh and:

    • 'Notifications' text label is not coming from a language file that is editable from within 'translation_manager' which usually means it is hardcoded.
    • i saw a fatal php error of some kind when i had developer tools 'wrap views' option enabled and was moving through the user picker or some other page in an inbox
  • Daniel Hazelzet

    Hi Ismayil,

    Indeed, both 'Notifications' and 'Private Messages' text labels can somehow not be translated. Any idea on how to resolve that?


  • cvoeil

    Hello Everybody,

    Happy new year !

    What do I have to do to get the full parameters details in the admin panel ?

    Except the "save" button nothing else is displayed.

    I flushed the cache, I upgraded, etc ... Nothing change.




  • cvoeil

    I am stupid !

    Sorry !

    I get the solution in the "Message types" menu ...

    Grrr !!!

  • ura soul

    i am looking at this again now.. on my test site i have completed the upgrade successfully.

    how do i delete messages from the inbox? i am not seeing the delete button anywhere.
    also, is there a way to disable the notifications panel? if we use another notification plugin (or the notification code in elgg 1.9) then this panel will be unnecessary.

  • ura soul

    also the friendpicker in this plugin is better than the default elgg one in terms of presentation. 

  • Krischan

    Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems like this plugin causes a too heavly load on a shared server thus having caused our hoster to disable our site; but I am still investigating the exact cause.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    @Krischan, very well may be. The queries performed by this plugin are quite complex (mainly due to the architecture of the messages plugin). Let me know, when you know more over email and we will see if can address the issues.

  • Krischan

    Never figured out the issue, but it would be sure nice if there was a lightweight but more advanced messaging plugin. Has the messaging architecture been improved in 1.9 by any chance?

  • FusionOz

    Is there going to be a mark all button so that we can mark all the messages as read or unread if we only use this for PMing.

    and another little question could this replace the notification plugin to send notifications to users about new pages, groups etc being cerated

  • gbolade

    great but when i send message using app and api ...hype inbox doesnt says messages are lacking metadata information required for hypeInbox compatibility

  • dualpixel



    For some reason I can only see the notifications tab as an administrator, a regular logged in user only has the private tab.. am I am missing something obvious? :)

  • sauko

    Hi, is there any way to get mail notifications for each private message received?

    This is very important!


  • sauko

    @ihayredinov, as I mentioned above, I can't get mail notifications for private messages, is this function missing in the plugin, or may be a problem concerning incompatibility with other plugin?


  • sauko

    @ihayredinov still alive? :)

    I have another issue. I am receiving ghost notifications for messages... I see new notifications in the icon, but nothing new in the inbox... and keeps growing...

    May be friendship notifications... In the elgg core message plugin I would receive those notifications, but not in hypeinbox, and I imagine the number of ghost notifications grow beacuse of that...

    Any idea?


  • sauko

    Ok, I found the answer for the second issue, concerning ghost messages. Somehow when using hypeinbox with "live notifications ajax" and "comment tracker", the priority of plugins is very important.

    For anyone who has this issue, priority must be set like this to work:

    1st. Live notifications

    2nd. Hypeinbox

    3rd. Comment Tracker

    With different priority order, the checkbox for receiving messages for notifications simply dissapears. This may happen to admin without really noticing. So if you had messages notifications activated for any entity, you'll be receiving icon notifications, but them won't show in your inbox, because notifications' tab for hypeinbox will dissapear also. But they are right there.

    With the correct priority settings you'll now see again your checkboxes for receiving notifications in your messages inbox, and also the notifications tab in your inbox.

    The funny point is that i discovered this while trying to arrange another conflict.

    Elgg/php/ajax is like a really delicate ecosystem...

  • fuzzynuts

    Why does it send a copy of the message to the sender on reply?  Before I complain about it and tear this plugin apart to fix it, I would like to know if there is a reason?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-1-15
  • Downloads: 1385
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