• sathishkumar

    really awesome bro...........keep doing :D

  • Phill Colins

    Does it works with the default 'file' pligin? If yes, how can I integrate this?

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    Yes, this creates default Elgg files. Basic instructions on how to set it up in another plugin are here:


  • S.Brady.Hussain

    Ismayil Khayredinov Very nice! you have been rerleasing some very cool plugins lately!!! ^_^

  • juniorhallak

    Hey @Ismayil Khayredinov , Thanks for yours plugins ... Always very good.


    Nice Jobs !


    Thanks All

  • buule

    I don't know but when I activate your plugins,nothing shows up.It just f**ks up my site

  • Michele

    @buule that's strange, very. Do you have a custom theme? Is it at the bottom? If you download plugins from github do you remove the -master suffix in plugin main folder's name? What V of Elgg are you using?

  • Nama

    @buule are you running windows vista or internet explorer? That would be the first problem :P

    Secondly turn off all plugins that dont say Author: Core Developers. Then turn on only the plugins needed for hypewall (or whatever you are trying to do). See what happens then get back to us with those results. Your issue is a conflict with another plugin.

  • This Script Lover

    Will it work with file tools? file tools already have multi file upload.

    Has anyone tried?


  • This Script Lover


    Tried integrating in File plugin.

    Droping files to square area works fine, files show but when click submit I'm getting "Unrecognised value passed to constuctor.... FilePluginFile->__construct(Array)"

    I added input view to the form ('input/dropzone') and "$guid = get_input('upload_guids');" to the action file of Files plugin to test it.

    Is there a example of action and form files that someone has this integrated?

    Obviously needs more than just adding 'input/dropzone' to form and "get_input('upload_guids')" in action, what am I doing wrong?


  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    Adding this to a file form doesn't make much sense, replacing the form and action would be more logical. Dropzone uploads the files, creates new file entities, and then adds their guids to the form. 

    An integration with the file plugin, would be to add input/dropzone to let's say a sidebar. No further action needed. Whenever user drops the files, they are uploaded with a private access level.

  • This Script Lover

    I see now, no need for "Submit button" or anything else?

    That's awesome I will test it. Thank you.

    How about File tools, same thing?

    Only thing might get complicated with file tools integration is the way it handels uploading files to folders/subfolders. That might be little more complicated. what are your thoughts on file tools?


  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    If I remember correctly file tools uses event hooks to add relationships with folders. I have installed a copy to do some testing and maybe integrate them better, but had no time yet

  • This Script Lover


    Thank you for your hard work and great plugins :)

  • ura soul

    i am looking for an upload solution that supports resume/pause of uploads - since uploading large video files on slow connections is impossible without this.

    from what i am seeing, dropzone doesn't support this - though this one does:

    anyone got any comments on this? i am using nginx, so i think i need to activate some config options and use nginx in the process to get this to function.

    in the meantime i would also like to use this dropzone plugin for the file plugin in elgg.. (and tidypics).
    i'm not clear on why replacing the file upload form with the dropzone view would be the most appropriate approach.. since i need to add categories, title, tags and other data to the files once they are uploaded. if i just added a dropzone box to a sidebar, i would not be able to access these params of the files - and would need to open another form that contains all of the files that were uploaded via dropzone for editing and bulk saving (the same way that tidypics functions with multiple uploads). so that would require both the dropzone view and also a custom file form.. or is that what you meant here @Ismayil?

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    Imho, you need to decide what your priority is - fast drag&drop uploads or complete metadata on your files. See hypeGallery for an amalgamation of both. Otherwise, let you users upload their files, then direct them to individual files to populate the info. 

  • ura soul

    i haven't installed hypegallery - though from your description it sounds like it is maybe similar to tidypics' batch upload process.

    for me, to allow fast upload and then to force a clunky, page by page, editing process for each file afterwards - is unnecessarily slow/tedius - when all the editing could be combined into one page. maybe all that is needed is a type of 'slideshow' format for the edit form, that allows multiple items to be quickly accessed and edited all on the same page.

    to some extent this is effected by what the jquery file upload plugin is capable of doing/supporting - so i will need to test that first.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    hypeGallery does pretty much that: upload blank files, populate anything we can using album metadata, then serve individual forms with the upload response for the user to edit if she pleases.

    I despise tidypics and did my best to eliminate all the steps that annoy the living soul out of me. Lease you can do is install and try the UX - that was my primary focus with hypeGallery.

  • Tom

    @ Ismayil Kharedinov , "hypeGallery, eliminate all the steps that annoy the living soul out of ..."  I like that line. LOL

  • ura soul

    i'm not a huge fan of tidypics either - the main reason why i have not tested hypegallery is that there are already images on my site stored with tidypics - even though not many.. 
    i've already got a large list of tasks to do on the site and don't really want to add an import script to that list. if there is an import option from tidypics then i will maybe switch across.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov

    There will be an import script soon enough, I am working on one - got partial funding to do that.

  • Tom

    @ ura soul , I think you are on the right direction. From what I have learned over the years, what keeps members on most sites like facebook and other mobile phone social network is:-

    1. Easiness to download an image and i mean first
    2. Easiness to look at it and share with friends.
    3. Simple steps to edit or update the image with less "steps that annoy the living soul out of ..."

    I think that is the major secret of facebook and other major social network existence:
    That why when you are trying to leave these popular network, their best tool is to show you the pictures from your friends list and confuse or convince you that the images of your friends on the "deactivate my account page" will miss you dearly and the best way to avoid causing your friends a great pain and lonelynessness is to get out of that page at a speed of light without clicking account deactivation button. And to be honest, most people can never go past that stage or account deactivation page because of guilt. Any way, the main point here is, facebook uses simple steps to manage your files and i think here is were hypeGallery comes handy or helpeful.

  • ura soul

    'success' as in the way that 'crack' is 'successful'. ;(
    guilt is a problem, yes. self acceptance is the remedy.
    i am not looking to addict people to anything - just to facilitate an easy and enjoyable experience.
    i'll look at hype gallery now on my local machine.

  • RJ (Arvixe)

    How can dropzone be integrated with the files plugin?

  • NoobyNoob

    Me too would like to know exactly how to integrate with files plugin?

    I already tried integrating in File plugin.

    Dropping files into square area works and files do show but when clicking submit it gives "

    There was an error uploading the file

    " and then forwards back to upload page.

    I see in files plugin action code there are 2 instances of the error language - file:cannotload which is string for the error text (note I replaced instances of "upload" to "upload_guids" in action file) :

    // check if upload failed
    if (!empty($_FILES['upload_guids']['name']) && $_FILES['upload_guids']['error'] != 0) {

    above is on line 23 and below is on line 53:

    // load original file object
        $file = new FilePluginFile($guid);
        if (!$file) {

    It would be great if someone can help us get this working as it is such a great plugin :)



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