Questions for Elgg 1.8 v1.8b1

Release Notes:

Compatible with Elgg 1.8b1 ONLY.

Please report bugs on github (use "Code Repository" link in sidebar). Thanks!

  • anirupdutta

    perfect.I love this.awesome.

  • Oranyero

    Error river:


    questions:river:question:created questions:river:question:create

    Thanks for updating the plugin. : )

  • Evan Winslow

    Hey, Oranyero,

    Thanks for the bug report!  Any chance you can report it to

  • Luciano Caratori

    Hi, Evan,

    Is it there a 'simple way' to adapt this to 1.7 installations?


    It looks great!





  • illifly

    Hi Evan, please update for the new 1.8 version we like this plugin! at moment there is no button to add any question...please update THX! Super work!


  • Frank Barcellona

    For, I installed it and it looks fine, except that there is no button to create a question.  Can't wait for the fix.  This this is a great mod!

  • martinez

    yes, this fix is needed, doesn t work with latest realase 1.8...

  • ghumanz

    It is not compatible with elgg

  • kuhu

    Hey Evan

    could you update the plugin to thanks a lot

  • Evan Winslow

    Hi, all, Thanks for the feedback.

    Just so you all are aware: I no longer work full time with Elgg, so this plugin no longer has potential benefit to my workplace, which means I have less time and incentive to upkeep it. In addition, my wife just had our first baby on Monday, so that means even less time for on-the-side stuff. It's unlikely I'll get to this in the near future, but I definitely encourage anyone who has the ability and availability to fork on github and send me a pull request. I'd be happy to accept it and upload an updated version.

    As with all my plugins, I've done my best to code this plugin to Elgg 1.8 standards, so it should be very approachable for anybody familiar with Elgg development. It looks like there's a lot of interest here, so I'm sure any contributions would be greatly appreciated!

    @luciano, no, not really. Most of the work is on the frontend (views) which was drastically changed in 1.8 so would have to be essentially rewritten for 1.7. Since there are already other Q&A plugins for 1.7, I'm not bothering.


  • Tom

    Well ... congratulations with the first-born :))))))))))

  • lord55

    congratulations Evan :))))))))))))))))))))))

  • fareed

    Is anyone working on this project for 1.8.1 or is it abandoned.


  • sem

    I can do the migration to Elgg Give me few days.

  • Evan Winslow

    I'm still around, and happy to accept patches, but don't have time for doing development myself.

    Sem, if you submit a pull request on github, I'd be happy to include it and add you to the credits for this plugin!

  • jacruzca

    if you want to add the "Add a question" button, just go to /mod/questions/pages/questions/all.php

    After the first line:


    just add:


    I've tested it in Elgg and works fine.

    So you will have the add button.

  • Razaavi Educational

    Deprecated in 1.0: Use elgg_register_menu_item() to register for the title menu


    I am getting this error after I implement the code said by @jacruza, can someone tell me if what should I do? I am novice to php or programming, 

  • Prieto

    any idea why button still no show after doing what jacruzca said? i use ver

    please help

  • Daniel

    Hello! I am using the Release - I activate the plugin but I can't do anything. Not error or warning appear.

    Please check my pics = 




  • Stumpy

    Hey thanks for yet another great little plugin, it's appreciated greatly. Recomended!

  • Janek

    Working on a 1.8.1 migration.
    Download @
    Or view source: (note the 1.8.1 branch, vs. master)

  • Vincent

    Nice one Janek it works perfect but is there a way to get rid of the comment image as it doesnt work?

  • Stumpy

    bit of a stupid question, how do I add questions to the group?  can't see the option, just says "no group questions"


  • Wouter

    Hi there!

    I have the same as Stumpy, I can see the entity Questions added to the menu and inside the Groups, but no way to add a single question. So it remains a bit empty inside the Questions :(

    I'm running Elgg release 1.8.3. with the Questions plugin 1.8.1b only. Possibly that's the issue. Or has anyone updated it?

Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.


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