Event Manager v2.3

Release Notes:

2.3 (2012-10-31):

  • added: 4 new event fields (website, contact details, fee and twitter hash)
  • added: javascript validation of required fields on event registration form
  • added: french translation
  • changed: new events create a "created" river event and creaters have the option to be directly added as organisator
  • changed: owners now can change rsvp
  • changed: new events create a "created" river event and creaters have the option to be directly added as organisator
  • changed: owners now can change rsvp
  • changed: moved search button to bottom of search events form
  • changed: layout of group events module now looks like widget contents
  • changed: now showing max attendees on full view
  • fixed: venue not shown on full view
  • fixed: title not represented correctly when editing an exisiting registration question
  • fixed: invalid event url in html emails
  • fixed: some invalid urls with subfolder elgg installations
  • fixed: count and export functions not giving correct results
  • fixed: event class now returns correct event url
  • fixed: file download issue on IE7 with https
  • fixed: correct order of registration form fields
  • fixed: input radio and checkbox require non-numeric keys
  • fixed: region and type dropdown now have a max width
  • fixed: translation errors
  • fixed: invalid download link for event files
  • fixed: invalid query for migrating events when migrated metastring does not exists
  • fixed: map markers now have different colors
  • fixed: map info window not showing on correct marker
  • fixed: class loader issues since Elgg 1.8.4

When upgrading remove the old files first as some files/views have been removed. And don't forget to flush the caches (or run upgrade.php).

  • Satheesh PM

    thank you very much for your update...is it possible to delete old events say more than 365 days?... if you can provide a code for deletion it would be much help ful


  • Satheesh PM

    any idea how to delete old expired event posts

  • Den

    I was thinking the same. I could not find a way to delete old event posts. Anyways, great plugin!

  • Singleserve

    On the detail page: $event->time_created = 0

  • Jeroen Dalsem

    @singleserve what do you mean?

    @den you can manually delete them. Otherwise you have to write a script that (periodically) deletes old entities.

  • Satheesh PM

    @Jeroen Dalse, so how to fetch the old entities say older than 1 month...



  • Baronti

    Hi, congratulations for the magnific work.

    As under the theme of the dates, I get the date ->  Date: 11/30/1999

  • Baronti

    Hello, in my last post I misspoke. I mean I can not set the date of the event. To enter it leaves me 1999. How I can fix this?

  • yumokin

    How do you do, Jeroen Dalsem.

    I am a Japanese system engineer.

    Thank you for the wonderful function.

    I think that I am as follows. 




    if(!empty($start_day)) {

      $date = explode('-',$start_day);

      $start_day = mktime(0,0,1,$date[1],$date[2],$date[0]);



    if(!empty($start_day)) {

      $date = $start_day;

      $start_day = mktime(0,0,1,$date[month],$date[day],$date[year]);



    As mentioned above, I need your help well.

  • Baronti

    Hi, my last chance to help me. I need to configure the plugin for events, but the post is not on the list and gives the date changed .... please help.

  • knussear

    This is a fantastic plugin - is it possible to have a multi-day event?

  • Selen

    ColdTrick thanks! Very good plugin.

    Anybody know how translate English month short names. Displayed in Event Manager widget in Dashboard or index page. I mean calendar page look box which says (example) DEC 07.

    How translate DEC to another language? Is this an image? I search core and event manager language files but no find. Thanks

  • Mickael Tetedoie

    Fantastic plugin, special thanks to ColdTrick, especially to Jeroen Dalsem !!! Best regards

  • Angel Cruijff

    How can i get a list of the events on the current month???
    I need them to create a sidebar plugin and show'em on the events page.



  • monico

    Hi, Jeroen. I just installed Event manager plugin. However, this plugin has the following dependency:

    Suggests    Plugin: widget_manager    any    --    Missing

    I saw you have widget_manager plugin. I installed, but this plugin has the followiing dependency:

    Suggests    Plugin: group_tools    any    --    Missing

    Can you point me out where I can get this group_tools plugin.


    Thanks in advance

    Jose Monico


  • Jeroen Dalsem

    @monico those plugins are suggested, notrequired, but if you like group_tools you can download it here: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/736791/2.4/group-tools

  • monico

    Hi, Jeroen. I appreciate your sooner reply. Thanks for the URL. I have a question:

    How can I fix the following error that it appear on the plugin web page:

     event_manager_V2.0.2 (guid: 63) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Cannot include start.php for plugin event_manager_V2.0.2 (guid: 63)

    Thanks in advance.

    Jose Monico


  • RJ (Arvixe)

    @Jeroen Dalsem

    About access to the event. I see there's an option for 'Private' So basically no one can see the event? No way to invite people to the event??

  • Jeroen Dalsem

    @rjcalifornia you could just set the access to private... and that should make it invisible for anyone else.

  • Javier

    Hi Jeroen, ¿there is spanish traduction for this plugin?

    Thanks for your great plugins!

  • Michele

    We're working on it...in the meanwhile just uploaded the italian translation here http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1148130/1/event-manager-23-it-language-file

  • Mickael Tetedoie

    Hi Jeoren,

    Hope you are doing well !

    How can I change the date format YYYY/MM/DD by DD/MM/YYYY ?

    As well, Can you tell me how to get "Event_calendar Datepicker popup windows with french months ?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this.


  • Javier

    I await impatiently, thank you Michele!! 

    Other question, can I display the short description, etc in the group widget, like this view?


  • Michele

    Hope our spanish translators will be quick :)

    As for group's widget I don't remember the layout...and have no group events active now so can't check, sorry

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