Bulk User Admin v1.0

Release Notes:

Initial release

  • Frank Barcellona

    Will this work in 1.8?

  • Frank Barcellona

    I just tried.  It does not work in 1.8.  I hope you consider making a version for 1.8.

  • Brett

    This is for 1.7.

  • Brett

    When we upgrade the community site to 1.8 I'll look into updating this plugin to 1.8. If someone forks it on github and puts in pull requests I'll pull them in for a 1.8 compatible release, but for right now it's 1.7 only.

  • Frank Barcellona

    Thanks so much for your fast response!

  • DhrupDeScoop

    Lolz ! ThX;
    And I thought I was quick keeping up-to-date on released PlugIns..
    Now - This my kinda utlility 4 tracking, scanning, other admin stuff.
    Just saw scope for a few extra little features that I'd go for..
    Let's see what comes from my perusing this in more detail.


  • DhrupDeScoop

    I coded/tested 1.7 'few extras' referred above..
    Stranger to GitHub as a Dev..
    Any quick N easy pointers to get started ?
    Do I gotta download install the Git Win/Client, etc ?


  • DhrupDeScoop

    yawn.. ;-O 2am... this GitHub thwangzy a little involved the 1st time ;) Think I'm 1/2 done forking and so on... i'll get back on this tomorrow.

  • Kevin Santiago

    hola esta muy bueno este plugin me gustaria saber como poder restringuir el registro a un dominio, es decir solo quiero que se puedan registrar usuarios con correo electronico del domino de mi univeridad @unach.edu.ec cualquier tro dominio que le salga un mensaje de error ayuda please

  • Brett

    @Julio - All this plugin does is allow you to delete multiple users at once or list them by email domain. If you want to restrict registration by domain you'll need to write a custom plugin.

  • martinez

    very usefull, please make it compatible with 1.8,..

  • ru Ben Kenobi

    Very good job!

  • DhrupDeScoop

    bit slow with gitting the feature extras ;) also got thoroughly sidetracked after i found out who created GIT ! Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux.1.0 and also Linux.2.0 http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/torvalds/ which he proudly calls the "the homepage of a www-illiterate.." someone ought to volunteer to do his web work for him; i am surprised no one has so far ;-P did anyone know that an asteroid is named after him ? anyways i'll get to sync'ing the code tweaks sometime sooner (or later). maybe i shud just email that code to brett ;-P

  • Arsalan Shah

    please upgrade for elgg 1.8

  • martinez

    please upgrade for 1.8...

  • OregonMike

    I needed this.  Thanks.


    I do get some strange results.  for example this:


    Last login: 15298 days ago | First login: 13 days ago | Last action: 13 days ago

    Objects: 6 | Annotations: 0 | Metadata: 9

    Some kind of bug.    I had quite a few that had  15298 days ago.


  • Brett

    @MontanaMike - It looks like the last login isn't being set for that user for some reason. Do you notice a pattern on what kind of users it says this?

  • OregonMike

    I don't have different kinds of user.  There's me (admin) and everyone else ( users )



  • Kareem

    please update it for 1.8 ..

  • elggfan101

    1.8, ya ya ya ....

  • kxx4

    very important plugin to deal with spam

  • kxx4

    very important plugin to deal with spam. You can make it adaptable to groups also.

  • cmsgalaxy

    need for 1.8 as well

  • kxx4

    This plugin will make the site administrator select a large number of spam users with ease and delete at once.


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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-9-15
  • Downloads: 1160
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