hypeGallery v2.1.5

Release Notes:

- Includes all dependencies

  • Tom

    @ Ismayil Kharedinov , When a logged in user clicks on the pictures, a blank screen is shown with not pictures. Is it a bug?

  • meril

    Ismayil Kharedinov: Thanks for this Lovely Plugin this is just the best photo gallery plugin in Elgg.. Just an Improvement suggestion when user clicks add image when we get in to next screen where we get "Drag & Drop images" @ the top we can still see add image button that button can be removed in the upload screen.. 
    Ismail: I am also facing the same problem as Tom Public user are not able to see images we get a blank screen..
    Overall wonderfull plugin thank you once again for your Time & your Lovely work for the community.   

  • Krischan

    Seems to work except that on my site not all group albums are shown under the group albums tab. Not quite sure why some are shown and others not.

  • Pierre M

    Hello Ismayil,

    I need the most precise date and time the picture was taken. I know you read EXIF/IPCT metadata.

    Is it conceivable to add a meta data (named DateTimeOriginal) to keep this date handy in hjalbumimage object? (We could then do a search on metadata to find pictures taken between 2 date/time.

    Is case I would have to do this myself, do you trigger a hook where I could plug a function that would do that?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Ran Johnson

    I've never been able to get this plugin to work. I'm on Elgg 1.8.18 on a standard linux godaddy server. It will let me create an album, but not upload any images. Dropping it to the location loads the image in my browser as a viewer only.

  • FusionOz

    How do you call your owner_block menu as I need to disable it so that my addon pack adds one with the icon and text I have chosen for it.


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-2-20
  • Downloads: 8814
  • Recommendations: 38

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