3 Column River Activity v1.8.8.2

Release Notes:

Deleted the accidental space at the beginning of the en.php file in the earlier version.

Thank you Brett for finding out this...


  1. Admin can select the layout of River Activity Page 3 Column or 2 column
  2. Layout for the wholse site can be 3 Column or 2 column (must keep this plugin at bottom of all plugin
  3. Birthday message will be send to users.. on their birth date.. (need to have a working cron in contrl panel) can eanle and disable that from settings page
  4. Added option to place the riverbox in right column or left column.
  5. Added Order Priority to order the boxes in the vertical manner...
  6. Added option to show or hide member status, links below profile avatar and the avatar in user icon menu
  7. Added seperate views for wire form and site messages
  8. Added a river box for tinypic
  9. Added a river box for videos (videos plugin of plugingalexy)
  10. Added a Any Object Subtype Entity River Box where you can enter the object subtype like blog, album, news, etc and this will show a riverbox in activity page
  11. Added a HTML box where you can enter any HTML text to show river activity page
  12. Setting page looks good (I feel so)
  • ghumanz

    Great job Satheesh

  • kisssssss4ever

    GReat, share

    I wanna know how I can change the order in the main home page?

    I wanna show horoscop in the right side of my home page how I can do that please?

  • Satheesh PM

    please see the settings page first.... vertical and left right ordering is there in settings page...

  • Eloy E Valderrama M

    Hi thanks for the update, yet I could not check the box of birthday and now does not appear. Could you tell me it can be?

    Excellent work as all we have received from you.

  • kisssssss4ever

    Thanks Satheesh, I can see the horoscope codes in settings page but I can't see left right ordering. Where I should pust horoscope code in the settings page?

    I wanna show horoscope in the right side of website and in the very end.

    Many thanks in advance


  • Satheesh PM

    please download the version.

    Deactiavate and Delete the old installation. Upload the new and activate... then see the settings page.

  • meril

    Thank you satheeh for this lovely plugin... i want to recommend but i dont see recommend button here...

  • Pablo Alberto

    Thanks a lot Satheesh PM for this wonderful plugin...Recommended!...Just wating for the activation of suggested_friends.

  • kisssssss4ever

    @Satheesh PM  Thank you so much, i installed ur this plugin. I wanna keep only my home page 3 column but the rest of the site I wanna keep only 2 column. I did try to select 2 column option from plugin setting for thw whole website but there is some extra space I can see when visit profile page. How to finish that extra space from the user profile page, here is the screen shot to get better idea what I am talking about.

    Please try to help and this would be useful for other users as well.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Kindest Regards 

  • Satheesh PM


    this is not a problem with my plugin... you need to contact the auther of the theme which you are using...

  • coolsam001

    @ Satheesh Pm .Please add a recommend button. 

  • Satheesh PM

    recommend button is property of community.elgg.org not my plugin... you need to login to do a recommendation and if you have already recommended once it will not be visible...

  • coolsam001

    Thanks got it.

  • kisssssss4ever

    I installed this plugin, but strange things I can see.

    When I try to set something left in order in settings shows on the right in the website, if I select right in order but website shows left.

    Also few boxes does not move at all even changing by order numbers :(

    someone is getting the same problems as I am getting?

  • Satheesh PM

    May be your (or mine?) concept of LHS and RHS is wrong...

    after changing the order need to save the settings and reload the activity page..

    your problem may be because of browser cache,,, delete browser cache tooo

  • shanu

    i want this plugin which is compatible for 1.7.8.. can anyone help me  to find/buit like this?

  • Satheesh PM

    @shanu y dont you try this plugin which is compactable for 1.7.x.. Get it here



  • shanu

    @thuvalpakshi if i try to enable the plugin i get an error like this

    riverdashboard is a misconfigured plugin. It has been disabled. Please search the Elgg wiki for possible causes http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/).

    How can i fix it?

  • Arsalan Shah

    @shanu check that you have extracted plugin in 


    Not in


    The start.php file of a plugin needs to be directly in the mod/"plugin-name" folder. If you don't see it there (or any other files of the plugin) you will get the "misconfigured plugin" error.



  • shanu

    @arsalanlee yes it was in mod/yourplugin only.. i even checked with start.php and its all correct. but not yet able to enable this plugin and getting the same issues in my elgg asis environment for version 1.7.8... 

  • Arsalan Shah

    @shanu  This plugin works only in elgg 1.8 version please make sure you are using 1.8 version.

  • Mark Randall

    Question. Is there some way that I could use part of this, like the latest groups or the latest blogs section, to say put that on the home page of my website? To where it would automaticly update there as new blogs or groups are posted? If so, could you help me do that?

  • kisssssss4ever

    I need this plugin but previous version of 3 Column River Activity, becoz the previous was working fine for me and this one is not working ordering is not working :(

  • Satheesh PM

    there is no diffrence between the previous one and this one.. in previous one there was an accidental space at the beginning of the en.php file. (Thank you Brett for finding out this...)

    i have deleted that and released as a new version... thats alll


  • Tommy

    I'm new so forgive my silly question. How do you configure the ordering in the settings? Nothing I enter changes the ordering. I've tried 1, '1', "1", 1/5, '1/5', "1/5", 1:5, etc. Nothing seems to do it. I'm guessing I'm entering it wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Satheesh PM

I will do it because I think I can


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-8-4
  • Downloads: 14866
  • Recommendations: 163

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