Release Notes:

Removed online for month
Added Order the users by Name.
Avatar Gallery will show 70 members per page

  • kisssssss4ever

    I love this plugin works perfect, On question I wanna know please how I can increase the users list up to 50 per page?

    And is it possible to increase the avatar images also a bit bigger than the current?


    Many thanks in advance


  • Satheesh PM

    you need to edit the page/members/index.php page...

    $options['size'] = 'small'; to some thing like $options['size'] = 'medium';

    Also for changing the number of users..  see the 3rd line $options = array('type' => 'user', 'full_view' => false);
     and chage to $options = array('type' => 'user', 'limit' =>'50', 'full_view' => false);

  • kisssssss4ever

    Thanks a lot Sathees, the 2nd trick worked well and i chaged to 50 users per list, but the first avatar size does not work, I did try to clear the catache everything and changed small to medium, large everything but does not change. The users avatar size is the same, can u try to check again that for me please.


    Many thanks in advance


  • Satheesh PM

    in avatar tab its working for me.... just see the screen shot here...


  • kisssssss4ever

    @Satheesh PM Thank you for the screen shot, looks amazing, but that trick does not work for me and codes r different in my this file >>> mod/members/pages/members/index.php

    In my index.php file I can see these codes  $options['size'] = 'tiny';

    But I can't see any codes u told me $options['size'] = 'small' in my this file mod/members/pages/members/index.php

    I did try to change this tiny to medium and large but does not work. Why my index.php page says tiny and not says small. Am I on editing the right file mod/members/pages/members/index.php ????

  • ankita

    I need a member plugin which should display members in a row column format in alphabetical order with

    a-z alphabet on the top . So that if one clicks on letter "G" then it should display all the members whose name start with G .


  • Satheesh PM


    $options['size'] = 'tiny'; change the tiny to small /large/medium...

  • Satheesh PM


    see the friends collection code you will get it...

  • kisssssss4ever

    @ Satheesh PM  This is my file mod/members/pages/members/index.php

    I did insert small, large, medium but non of them worked. 

  • Satheesh PM

    It should work.. coz $options['size'] = 'tiny'; if you change to $options['size'] = 'small';

    all avatar in Avatar Gallery will change to samll..

    Reload the page/ delete cache of browser and seee

  • Mike

    @Satheesh PM, great theme.

    I have these question. Does this appear at the Administration side or its for all users.

    If its for all users how can I remove tab for banned users. I wouldn't like to show users who has been banned.


  • Satheesh PM

    banned users will be accessible only to Admins...

    if normal user try to see Banned User Tab they will get a error message saying that you need to be Admin to view this page..

    any more doubts?

  • Mike

    ok thanks.

  • kisssssss4ever

    @Satheesh PM  This is still a mystery, the size of images r not getting bigger I did try the lots of time correct codes in correct file, I tried small, large, midium but none of them wroked :(

    Also cleaned cache and then run upgrade too, I tested on different web broswers even on different computer still the image size are tiny the same. I don't know why this is not working for me :(

    Please do something help me. 

  • Satheesh PM

    are u using any custom theme?

    try keeping this plugin at the bottom of the plugin list..

  • kisssssss4ever

    I was using custom theme before but now I am using default theme but still no luck.

    I did try just now kept the Members plugin in the bottom of the plugin list and refreshed pages run cache and upgrade but still no difference :( 

    Maybe I am using your old plugin, did u even share any old plugin than this? 

  • Satheesh PM

    Download the latest version... and seee

  • Satheesh PM

    same code you need to add in the $options..

  • DhrupDeScoop

    @Sateesh !? I installed *and checked out your code suggestions ;-) tiny/small (no pun intended!) bitty bit`o`code and yes - it worked.. of course ;-) Soo easyyy... no-fuss programming.. & ThX for yr tips. I think the Kid (my users;) will like this mucho.

  • Satheesh PM


    that code must work and its working.. the problem with kisssssss4ever was he was trying to chage the icons size in the other tabs too... and $options['size'] = 'tiny'; was for the avatar gallery tab only...

    @ kisssssss4ever

    if you want to chage other tabs too othen add 'size' => 'medium' to $options array...

  • kisssssss4ever

    @Satheesh PM So kind of you, and thank you for your kind reply all the time. Yes I made it work now :)

    Many thanks once again.


  • kevin

    I would like to show only the managers, as I can do?


  • jededitor

    Excellent plugin Satheesh!

    It should be the default one for ELGG.

  • ura soul

    i agree, this one for core :)

Satheesh PM

I will do it because I think I can

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