About me: We are leading elgg providers. We have implemented complex combination of applications like "elgg + elasticsearch + cloud infrastructure + comet server for active pages"
Email: tarun@izap.in

About me

This is Tarun from INDIA. I can be rightly called a Senior PHP/MySQL/ORACLE programmer and ROR bignner.  but here is some more if you are really interested :-

I am working since 2003 as a web developer for numerous number of clients and companies. I have 5+ years of experience  with php application and 6 years of experience with ORACLE. I have a team of highly qualified professionals with me. 

These days, i am really curious about elgg and we are developing some useful plugins for elgg. We are planning to release these plugins soon here on elgg community.

I have a strong background in backend applications including but not limited to content management systems, ecommerce applications, payment gateways, consuming and publishing webservices, integrating with third party API’s etc. I like challenging jobs.

Here is my skillset in a nutshell :-

  1. Programming: PHP, Ruby on rails, AJAX, Web Services, XML.
  2. Database designing and programming : MySQL, ORACLE, MSAccess. Comfortable to implement PL/SQL with ORACLE and MySQL.
  3. Frameworks: Symfony, ZEND, Rails.
  4. LINUX/UNIX Administration, Not an expert but intermediate.
  5. JavascriptFrameworks: Prototype,  jQuery.


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