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  • Marco's added a new discussion topic Erro upgrade elgg 1.9.8 para 1.10.0/ 1.10.1/ 1.10.2 in the group Elgg Brasil
    Olá. Tentei fazer a atualização do Elgg 1.9.8 para a versão 1.10.0 e me apareceu um erro no código. Tentei então atualizar da versão 1.9.8 para 1.10.1 e também apareceu um erro no...
  • Marco's commented on the plugin Content Subscriptions
    Hello, I wrote a page on the site and get no notification when a comment is added noa page and also get no notification when the page is upgrade. I do not receive the email notification and not receive notification by the site. Pluguin notification...
  • Marco's commented on the plugin CKEditor Extended
    Hello, It is necessary for the user to have a way to delete obsolete images to not take up unnecessary space on the hosting server. Nice work.
  • Marco's replied on the discussion topic tidypic 1.9.2 Slideshow doesn't work
    Congratulations for finding a solution to slideshow tidypics. Fantastic, is now working properly slideshow. Thank you so much. view reply
  • Marco's joined the group Beginning Developers
  • Marco's commented on the plugin Group Tools
    Suggestion for future upgrade:  It will be important to have the option:  Enable delete group: On / Off  Only configuration administrator community.  Thanks, great plugin.
  • Marco's commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.8-1.10: FAQ]
    Thanks for updating the plugin faq. At the moment I am finding an error:  Requires Plugin: Any any_tinyme_editor_plugin - Error  The elgg_1.9.2 have ckeditor default editor for elgg. We have to change the editor?  Thanks for...
  • Marco's commented on the plugin Event Manager
    Hello Jeroen, I performed some tests with the event plugin and found some unexpected situations.  I created an event and the address of the place I went to the latitude and longitude coordinates of the venue. At the marked location of the...