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  • Bunnii added a new discussion topic Please help, menu items are cut off :/ in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello, I have finally found a theme that seems to work very well, except one thing, and for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I even tried to deactiveate some plugins that may of affected it, but it didn't fix it. I also tried looking through...
  • Bunnii joined the group Beginning Developers
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin My cool theme
    Thanks Stan, good luck on your exams!
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin iShouvik Profile 1.8
    Works perfect on 1.8.3, thank you!
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin hypeFramework 1.8
    Hello! I want to first say that I love your plugins and thank you so much for them!   I do have a question,..I tried to install private river (where it hides the 'all' on the river), but it says it isn't compatible with HypeAlive...now I love...
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin My cool theme
    Thank you so much for the quick reply, Yes, that is what I thought. I used to run vbulletin, so I know a handful of stuff that I need to know for php and things, but Elgg is a little different to me. Can I ask you exactly what line I would add it...
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin My cool theme
    Hello! This is a great theme, thank you :) I do have a question, how do I add more links under the avatar on the profile page? It's just missing the hypegallery (only one I've noticed so far). I would switch to tidypics, but for the life of me I...
  • Bunnii commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.8-1.10: Extended TinyMCE]
    Great plugin! Thank you :)   Is there a way to add more emoticons? Also, when you click on emoticons, the little box pops up, inside it, it says to click on the left or right arrow buttons, I do not see these arrows?